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The logo of the defunct aerospace corporation McDonnell Douglas features the same emblem as that of Boeing, with subtle modifications.

Meaning and history

While the McDonnell Douglas logo is deeply symbolic, it is impossible to understand its meaning unless you know the historic facts behind it.

Back in 1924, four aviators from the United States Army Air Service completed the first aerial circumnavigation of the world. The 175-day journey was accomplished by aircraft manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Company, which later became part of McDonnell Douglas.

So, the circle on the logo is, in fact, the globe. The emblem symbolizes the globe being encircled. This theme was included in the logo as a reminder of the event that was the company’s earliest claim to fame.

When McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing in 1997, a slightly modified version of the McDonnell Douglas logo became part of the Boeing logo.

Logo McDonnell Douglas


The name of the company, which is placed to the left of the circle, is given in a dynamic sans serif type. The letters are italicized and rather bold.

Company overview

McDonnell Douglas appeared as a result of the merger of McDonnell Aircraft and the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967. In its turn, it merged with Boeing in 1997.

At its peak, McDonnell Douglas was the country’s major aerospace manufacturing corporation and defense contractor. It was headquartered at St. Louis Lambert International Airport near St. Louis, Missouri.