Mahzooz Logo

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Mahzooz is a lottery operator offering weekly live draws with substantial prizes. It operates primarily in the Middle Eastern market. The enterprise is known for its transparent gaming practices and contributions to various philanthropic causes. Ownership details are typically kept private, but the company is recognized for its legitimacy and adherence to regional regulations.

Meaning and history

Mahzooz is a Dubai-based weekly live draw that offers participants the chance to win large cash prizes and luxury items. The brand emphasizes social contribution, with a portion of proceeds aiding various charitable causes.


Mahzooz Logo

The logo showcases a whimsical blue bird-like character with an exuberant expression, extending its wing as if to greet. Accompanying the figure is the stylized text “mahzooz” in lowercase. The font’s soft curves convey a sense of approachability and friendliness, resonating with the brand’s engaging and optimistic image.