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Madeleine is a German brand of women’s clothing and accessories, which was es-tablished in 1977 and today operates all over Europe and starts expanding to North America. At the beginning of its history, the brand was selling its items through the catalogs, which today got replaced by the online store.

Meaning and history

Madeleine logo

The Madeleine visual identity is fine and elegant. Like the products the brand offers to its customers, the company’s logo is minimalist yet very feminine and stylish.

The Madeleine visual identity consists of a logotype and an icon, which is used on the websites and applications.

The logotype in all the capital letters is written in an elegant serif typeface, which is similar to Didot, the most popular font for the fashion industry. The letters of the in-scription are placed close to each other and are slightly narrowed, which makes the long brand’s name look more compact and balanced.

The monochrome color palette of the Madeleine logo is also a very traditional choice for the clothing retailer, as it makes a good complement to the various patterns and textures of the fashion items the company sells.

The Madeleine icon though uses a different color scheme. The light beige square with a white capital “M” in the same typeface looks classy and fresh. This tender color combination evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Madeleine visual identity is timeless and always actual, it reflects the company’s nature and essence — to bring beauty and happiness to ladies all over the globe.