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Luxair is a prominent airline based in Luxembourg. It operates as the flag carrier of the country and provides scheduled and charter services to various destinations. The airline is owned by the Luxembourg government. Luxair primarily operates from Luxembourg Airport, offering flights to numerous European cities. It is known for its high-quality service, modern fleet, and commitment to passenger comfort. Luxair plays a crucial role in connecting Luxembourg with the rest of the world, serving as a vital link for both business and leisure travelers.

 Meaning and history

Luxair Logo history
Luxair is an airline based in Luxembourg. It was founded in 1962 by the Luxembourg government. Over the years, Luxair has achieved several significant milestones, including expanding its route network to over 60 destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The airline operates a fleet of modern aircraft, providing both scheduled passenger flights and charter services. Luxair has consistently focused on delivering high-quality service and maintaining a strong safety record. Luxair continues to be a prominent player in the European aviation industry, connecting Luxembourg with major cities and serving as the country’s national carrier.

What is Luxair?
Luxair is a Luxembourg-based airline that operates both scheduled and charter flights. It serves as the national carrier of Luxembourg, providing domestic and international connections to various destinations in Europe and beyond. Luxair is known for its commitment to customer service, modern fleet, and efficient operations.

1948 – 1961

Luxair Logo 1948

The original Luxair logo, designed in the middle of the 20th century, featured a horizontally-oriented solid blue banner with white lettering on it. The inscription was set in a slanted geometric serif font with the first letter enlarged, and the whole wordmark underlined by the elongated bar of the “L”.

1961 – 2003

Luxair Logo 1961

The redesign of 1961 has changed the composition of the Luxair logo and now it was composed of a minimalistic geometric emblem and a bold uppercase lettering in a strict sans-serif typeface. The emblem depicted a stylized plane figure inscribed into a thin circular frame.

2003 – 2007

Luxair Logo 2003

In 2003 the color palette of the Luxair visual identity was switched to a vivid teal one, with the plane inside the roundel redrawn in a more modern way, which Joe made it look like an arrow of a mouse on the screen. As for the lettering, it got the lines of the characters are a bit thinner than in the previous version.

2007 – now

Luxair Logo

The redesign of 2007 has made the emblem of the air carrier smaller and moved it to the upper left corner of the banner, while the lettering part got rewritten in a title case. The new softened and modern sans-serif typeface was adopted for the composition, yet the color palette remained untouched.