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KinderCare is the name of the chain of learning centers, which was established in 1969 in the United States. Today the educational company, founded in Alabama, operates all over the country, having more than 1,5 thousand locations and almost 40 thousand employees.

Meaning and history

KinderCare Logo history

Before 2021

KinderCare logo old
The original logo was in many ways like its successor. Unlike it, the illustrations here are less geometric, look more hand-drawn and use orange colors with bold black outlining. In addition, this version has ‘learning centers’ written below the main wordmark.

2021 – Today

KinderCare logo

The KinderCare logo is stylish and modern, though there is something nostalgic and tender in it, probably it is a typeface that evokes this feeling. Executed in a traditional red and black color palette the emblem does not look aggressive or dark, on the contrary, it seems to be warm and caring.

The KinderCare logo is composed of a red and white emblem with a black outline and black lettering on the right, with a delicate lightweight tagline in capital letters. The “Learning Centers” tagline is placed under the main wordmark, which is executed in a bold sophisticated serif typeface. The most similar font to the one used for the KinderCare logo is ITC Stone Informal Pro SemiBold with smooth rounded elements of the letters “R” and distinct serifs.

The emblem is the brightest part of the visual identity and it boasts an image of the house with the red tile roof, a symbol of warmth and coziness. This image shows the value of love and friendship and points on a special attitude to kids all the employees of the company have.

The simplicity of the color palette and a pretty minimalist concept of the logo do not make it boring or modest. The KinderCare insignia has everything necessary to reflect its purpose, mood and main aim — give only the best to the kids.