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Jana Sena Party, or simply JSP, is an Indian political party, established by the famous actor Pawan Kalyan in 2014. The name of the party is translated from Telugu as “People’s Army”, which reflects the main values and principles of JSP.

Meaning and history

Jana Sena Party was founded in 2014 by a former actor Konidela Pawan Kalyan, who decided to try himself in politics. It is a regional party, which represents the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh is a state which stands in the last position in literacy rate in India, so it really needed a strong representative.

The name of the party, Jana Sena, means People’s Army, and it fights for people and its right, putting a person at the top of the values system. The official motto of the Jana Sena Party is “Fight for the rights of each and every common person”.

What is JanaSena?
JanaSena is the name of the political party, which was established in India in 2014. Being a regional party, based in Andhra Pradesh, JSP is focused on people and their rights. The name of the party means “People’s Army” in Telugu.

In terms of visual identity, the Jana Sena party uses a badge, which represents the vision of its founder, Konidela Pawan Kalyan, who draws a parallel between himself and Che Guevara, and chose a red star as the main symbol of his Party. The Jana Sena badge has never been changed since the day of its creation in 2014, which also shows such sides of the party as consistency and loyalty.

2014 – Today

Jana Sena Logo

The official logo of the Jana Sena political party from India was designed in 2014, following the idea of its inspirer, a Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan. It is based on a star symbol, and a red and white color palette, copying the core of the Che Guevara emblem, but rethinking it and adapting to the Indian cultural norms and visions.

The Jana Sena logo boasts a six-pointed star, formed from several solid red geometric elements: six triangles and a hexagon with a white triangle pointing down drawn in the center. The triangle has a solid red dot on it. This red composition has a thick white outline, and the thin black one, which makes it more visible on a solid red ring with a horizontal red ribbon on the background. This is a very strong and sharp badge, where all the angles and triangles are balanced by a circular element, bringing harmony and elegance.

Font and color

Jana Sena Emblem

The bright and powerful logo of the Jana Sena political party has no lettering on it, and it’s compensated by a large number of geometric elements and contrasting lines in the composition. The clean lines and sharp angles of the elements look even stronger in the chosen color palette, red, white, and black.

The colors of the Jana Sena emblem stand for power, professionalism, and determination, showing the fighting spirit of the party, and its progressive vision of modern politics. Red is also about passion, as without passion no changes can be done on such a global level.

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