Hitachi Logo

Hitachi LogoThe Japanese company Hitachi has three logotypes: the so-called mark, the primary logo, and the corporate statement logo.

Meaning and History logo

Hitachi Logo history

The oldest part of the logo is the Hitachi Mark, which, according to the company history, was created by the founder, Namihei Odaira, in 1912. The name of the new company was made up of two hieroglyphs, “hi” (“sun”) and tachi (“rise”). Odaira placed the hieroglyphs inside a circle to form the emblem that is still used on the corporate flags, badges, and awards. It can also be seen before the company name on billboards and signs.


Hitachi symbol
The primary logo features the word “Hitachi” in capital letters. The logo is red, while the background is white.


Hitachi emblem
In addition to the company name, the Corporate Statement Hitachi logo sports the motto “Inspire the next.” While the letters are grey, the design element above the “t” is colored red.


The type featured in the wordmark resembles the Helvetica 73 Bold Extended and the Univers Bold fonts.