Braun Logo

Braun Logo
The visual core of the Braun logo has remained virtually untouched since 1934. The emblem has always been based on a wordmark featuring a rounded type with a prominent “A.”

Meaning and History logo

Braun Logo history

The original emblem, which was created by Will Münch, featured the name of the brand given in white letters with black borders and shades. The “A” was taller than all the other letters adding a sense of rhythm to the design.

The 1952 symbol

Braun symbol
Having joined the company in 1952 as a freelancer, Wolfgang Schmittel updated the Braun logo. He made it simpler and lighter. The original emblem was based on the following relationship between the thickness of the bars and space: 1:1.3 for the “A,” 1:1 for all the other letters. In Schmittel’s wordmark, the white gaps were much wider, so the lettering seemed to have more breathing space.

New emblem

Braun emblem
The proportions were updated once again several years later, due to which the logo became bolder and more pronounced. However, the overall style, including the rounded parts of the letters and the enlarged “A,” remained unchanged.


Braun Logo
The company has always been loyal to the original black-and-white color scheme, from the earliest logo developed more than 80 years ago, to the current one.