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HIT Entertainment is the name of the Mattel subsidiary, which specialized in kids’ entertainment content. The company was established in 1982 and today it owns several very successful and popular worldwide franchises in the children animation segment.

Meaning and history

HIT Entertainment Logo history

The HIT Entertainment visual identity history is pretty intense, as the company has undergone six redesigns throughout three decades of its existence, which is a lot. And the last emblem, created for the Mattel subsidiary in 2006, has a completely different mood.

1983 – 1989

HIT Entertainment Logo-1983

The company was established in 1982 under the name Henson International Television or simply HIT. Its first logo, introduced in 1983, featured a shortened name placed above the full wordmark. Two parts of the lettering were executed in different styles, though featured one color palette — monochrome.

The upper, “Hit!”, part was written in the lowercase of a classy and bold serif typeface, while the bottom “Henson International Television”, enclosed between two horizontal lines, was executed in all capitals of a traditional and strict sans-serif font.

1989 – 1996

HIT Entertainment Logo-1989

The company was renamed HIT Communication in 1989, and the logo was changed in the same year. The new composition was modern and confident, consisting of a bold enlarged “HIT” lettering with the “I” in the lowercase and the dot above it having a light blue cross on it. The “Communications Plc” inscription was set vertically along the right side of the logo, executed in a narrowed sans-serif typeface and using a bright blue color.

1994 – 1996

HIT Entertainment Logo-1994-95

The “HIT” lettering from the previous logo was now placed on a black background and had the dot above the “I” removed. This redesign was held after another rename of the company when it became HIT Entertainment Plc in 1994. The gray gradient letters of the wordmark looked mysterious and elegant, while the solid black background made the whole composition more confident and strong.

HIT Entertainment Logo-1994

Later, the logotype was redrawn in plain gray color, with the dot above the “I” contoured in thin blue with the cross having its lines elongated. The “Entertainment Plc” in all capitals was trimmer vertically along the bar of the letter “T”, executed in a delicate yet strict sans-serif typeface; and using a calm blue color, which evokes a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

1996 – 2001

HIT Entertainment Logo-1996

The lettering changed its color palette to gradient blue and golden-brown in 1996. The inscription became enlarged and emboldened and the dot turned into a three-dimensional globe, which was now placed right on the letters. The additional wordmark was also emboldened and now used black color, which added power and strength to the emblem.

1999 – 2007

HIT Entertainment Logo-1999

In 1999 the company gets a new name, with the “Plc” part removed, and its logo is being redrawn in a flat and simplified manner. The gradient blue got replaced by a solid shade, evoking a sense of professionalism and authority. As for other elements, they were kept almost untouched but had their contours refined and cleaned.

2001 – 2006

HIT Entertainment Logo-2001

In 2001 the HIT Entertainment visual identity underwent another refreshment. But it was more about contours being cleaned and color palette balanced, with the main blue shade darkened up, but not significantly.

2006 – 2016

HIT Entertainment Logo

The emblem, introduced by HIT Entertainment in 2006, was completely different from all the previous versions, and the first one to reflect the specialization of the company — children animations the new logo featured a bright red, yellow, and blue cube with white accents, and rounded red lettering under the graphics. The cube had “HIT” letters on its sides and looked friendly and fun.

Font and color

HIT Entertainment Color

The smooth and welcoming “HIT Entertainment” lettering from the company’s emblem is executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface, which is very close to such fonts as VAG Rounded Next SemiBold and Vega SB Medium.

The color palette of the HIT Entertainment visual identity is based on yellow, red and blue, and has “H” and “T” letters in the cube drawn in white. This combination of shades stands for joy, happiness, and energy, and reflects the purpose of the company, showing it a professional and caring one.