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Among the great number of insurance companies the Hartford Financial Services Group ranks 12th in the United States. Usually referred to as the Hartford, the Hartford-based (Connecticut) insurer is distinguished by its stag logo which is more than 200 years old.

Meaning and history

Hartford Insurance Logo

Nobody knows for sure when the Hartford logo appeared, but the oldest record available is from 1861 (Abraham Lincoln’s insurance policy). As for the company’s history, it dates back to 1810.

The Hartford insurance logo has always depicted a stag fording a stream. One may wonder what this animal has to do with the sphere of business like insurance. The fact is that it represents the company’s name. There is another word for a stag ‒ a hunting term “hart” which was widely used in the Middle Ages. The word “Hartford” itself means a ford where harts cross a stream. It seemed a proper symbol for the company named “Hartford” that wanted to show respect for nature.

What is Hartford Insurance?
Hartford Insurance is the name of an American insurance service provider, which is considered to be one of the largest and the most successful in its country. Hartford Insurance was established in 1910, which makes it also one of the oldest companies in the United at dates in this segment.

Logo Evolution

Logo Hartford Insurance

The Hartford stag logo has undergone revamps over time, but it has never failed to showcase majesty, strength and stability.

The first one was in the 1870s. When copes of the popular painting “Monarch of the Glen” by the English painter Sir Edwin Landseer became available in the English-speaking countries, the Hartford used the powerful image for its logo. By 1875 its natural symbol clearly resembled the painting. However, its red deer was not atop a mountain but in a stream-crossing.

Then there were more revisions, but the traditional pose was maintained.

Hartford Insurance symbol

The latest update was on the occasion of the Hartford’s 200th anniversary. Getting ready for the jubilee, the company decided to update its classic stag symbol so as to present a more up-to-date interpretation. The artists commissioned to paint a new deer emblem were Schreck from Decatur and Chandler from Hartselle. Their task was to produce a realistic, anatomically perfect illustration of a European stag from the classic painting as well as to add more muscles in the legs and in the belly. The artists also changed the pose a little ‒ the stag has its legs uncrossed now, which gives it more stability.


Hartford Insurance emblem

The color scheme of the Hartford logo is made up of burgundy and some shades of blue. The stag is burgundy and so is the wordmark “THE HARTFORD”. To make it look more distinctive blue is used in the background. The color combination means justice and looks sophisticated and regal.