GoPro Logo

GoPro Logo
Adventurous folks around the world make their own videos with action cameras adorned with the GoPro logo.

Meaning and History logo

The company was founded in 2003. It didn’t take its product much time to gain popularity, the more so because the logo calls for an active lifestyle.
The GoPro logo includes the company name, the slogan “Be a HERO” and a graphic symbol consisting of four boxes. The “GoPro” is above. The boxes are in different shades to denote different areas where wearable action cameras produced by the company can be used.
gopro hero 6 logo
The first box (from the left) refers to land-based extreme sports ‒ motocross, downhill and cross-country biking. Its color symbolizes the sky. The second box represents surf. The third one stands for underwater activities. The rightmost box is white to signify snow sports.


GoPro Logo
The palette of the GoPro logo includes 3 colors. They are Vivid Cerulean (#00AEEF), Medium Persian Blue (#005DAC) and White (#FFFFFF).


gopro camera logo
The company identity mark makes use of three different fonts. The design of “GoPro” is most likely built on the Neuropol font, except for the letter “G” which was slightly modified. The slogan features Eurotile Bold for the “Be a” and Verdana Bold Italic for the “HERO”.