JVC Logo

JVC Logo

Despite its 90-year history, the logotype of the Japanese professional and consumer electronics manufacturer JVC has remained virtually the same.

JVC logo meaning and history

JVC Logo

The corporation was established in 1927 as a division of the American Victor Talking Machine Company. Some of JVC’s breakthroughs included the introduction the first TV sets in Japan and the creation of the VHS video recorder.

Symbol JVC

JVC symbol

Throughout decades, consumers all over the world recognized the JVC products by a simple wordmark logo. The name of the company is given in a clean sans serif font, which works great both at small and large sizes.

Brand name and emblem JVC in Japan and overseas

JVC emblem

The company works under the Victor brand domestically. For a period of time, it used the Nivico name (for “Nippon Victor Company”) when working overseas before being renamed JVC (Japan’s Victor Company).

Font of the JVC Logo

The square sans serif type seen in the JVC logo looks very much like Agency FB Wide Black.