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General Mills is a big food processing company, which was established in 1856 in the United States. There are hundreds of different foods produced under the company’s brands, including dietary supplements enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Meaning and history

General Mills Logo history

1928 – 1949

General Mills Logo 1928
The original GM logo was a blue ring with some orange wheat ears arranged into a pattern inside it. In the center, they converged on a smaller circle with the thin, orange ‘G’, ‘M’ & ‘I’ (‘General Mills Inc.) arranged artistically in one space. That full name was also written in blue on the top section of the outer blue ring.

1949 – 1956

General Mills Logo 1949
The 1949 design was an illustration of a blue flag with a yellow fringe on a black pole with a yellow tip. The center of the flag was occupied by pretty much the previous emblem, except simplified and with yellow instead of orange. The full name was almost unchanged and placed in the lower part of the banner.

1956 – 1959

General Mills Logo 1956
The following logo was simpler – just a blue rectangle with rounded corners and a yellow frame, holding the company’s wordmark. The latter uses bold serif letters written in white with an overly large yellow dot above ‘i’.

1959 – Today

General Mills Logo 1959
In 1959, they introduced the emblem they kept using in many variations ever since. It’s a blue letter ‘G’, except written by hand and in an unorthodox position (mirrored and with a lot of twirls).

1959 – 1969

General Mills Logo 1959
This logo uses their main emblem with the words ‘General’ & ‘Mills’ written on its either side. They use the same hand-written, strange letters, but colored black. There are also two red lines converging into an angle below.

1969 – 1971

General Mills Logo 1969
The 1969 design uses the idea from the previous logo, minus the red part. For this one, they changed the font of the words into a comprehensible, black sans-serif.

1970 – 1989

General Mills Logo 1970
A similar design was used here, except they started using lowercase letters alongside capital ones and reintroduced the red structure, but with bolder lines.

1989 – 2003

General Mills Logo 1989
This logo uses a slightly softer, turquoise emblem. The name wordmark of the same color was written to its right in two lines, using a slimmer sans-serif style.

1999 – 2001

General Mills Logo 1999
The secondary 1999 logo uses the words and the emblem from the 1970 design, yet completely blue. Here, the words are bigger and put below the sign.

2001 – 2002

General Mills Logo 2001
In 2001, they tried using just the name – this one is using the tilted, orange letters with a sans-serif font.

2002 – 2004

General Mills Logo 2002
In 2002, they shifted to the slimmer, fully capital letters. These are upright and use the usual blue color.

2003 – 2017

General Mills Logo 2003
In 2003, they basically returned to one of the older designs (the 1989 one) with a darker blue shade and minor changes.

2004 – 2017

General Mills Logo 2004
The additional 2004 logo uses a combination of the usual emblem and the wordmark from the 2002-2004 design put on its right in two lines.

2017 – Today

General Mills logo

The visual identity of the famous company is pretty well recognizable across the globe and evokes a sense of protection and reliability. Its curved emblem in blue and red symbolizes love and care and shows the customers’ health as the main value of the American brand.

The General Mills logo is elegant and simple, it looks like a celebration of traditions and heritage, yet is still pretty modern and confident. The logo is composed of two parts — a strict straight logotype, which is usually set in two levels, but sometimes is complemented by a tagline, and an iconic emblem, which is located on the left of the inscription, but can also be seen on its own, as the company’s icon.

The nameplate in a title case is executed in a bold and modern stencil sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Geo Deco Heavy and Oblivian Text Extra Bold fonts, with their thick and clean lines. When the “Making Food People Love” tagline is used with the logo, it is always written in the same typeface, but in smaller letters. This makes the logotype balanced and solid.

General Mills emblem

The iconic emblem of the bran is composed of a curved stylized letter “G” executed in royal blue color with a small red heart above it. A symbol of love and caress, of attention to health and well-being, the emblem evokes a sense of safety and responsibility.

The blue and red color palette of the logo, which is usually placed on a white back-ground is a representation of the company’s professionalism and loyalty, along with their passion for what they do and love to their customers.