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Frost is the name of an American bank, which was established in 1867 in Texas. One of the largest banks across the country operates in its state having more than one thousand ATMs and almost 150 offices.

Meaning and history

Frost logo

The visual identity if a famous bank from Texas is laconic yet stylish and strong. Composed of a circular emblem and a classy and elegant logotype on its right, the Frost insignia evokes a sense of confidence and responsibility.

The swirl-like emblem of the Frost Bank consists of fifteen black thin petals, which are all turned to one side, creating a slight whirling effect. This image resembles not only a movement but it also looks like a sun and a flower. So many meanings can be read in this simple graphical element. It stands for growth, dynamics, and warmth, which the bank gives to its customers along with loyalty and professional services.

Frost emblem

As for the Frost wordmark, it is written in a title case, using a chic and modern serif typeface, which is very similar to Raleigh D Regular font with its letters having upper and bottom parts slightly flattened and making the contours square, yet with the rounded angles.

The logo is executed in a monochrome color palette, and it doesn’t really need any bright spots in it to stay actual and look powerful. The black and white combination of colors points on the professionalism and expertise of the financial organization, and makes it possible to place the emblem on any background, whether it is an ATM standing somewhere on the street, or an official document.