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Flydubai is the short name of Dubai Aviation Corporation. It is a budget airline in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It belongs to the government. The company was established in 2008 and started its operations in 2009.

Meaning and history

Flydubai is a relatively young airline from the United Arab Emirates, which has already grown into the second largest air carrier, operating out of Dubai International Airport. The airline was founded by the government of the country to make it easier to fly within a 5-hour radius of Dubai in terms of availability and price.

Today Flydubai has a fleet of 63 airplanes and offers flights to more than 90 destinations internationally from its base in Dubai. The destinations include Asian, European, African, and Middle Eastern countries.

What is Flydubai?

Flydubai is the second-largest air carrier, operating from the Dubai International Airport. The company offers national and international flights to almost 100 destinations across several continents.

In terms of visual identity, the company attempted to reflect its geographical roots in a stylized logotype with no additional emblem. The fierce sun of Dubai and its blue sky seem to have been the main sources of inspiration for the Flydubai logo. At least, this is what the color scheme seems to suggest.

2009 – Today

FlyDubai Logo

The air carrier from Dubai got its logo designed in 2009, and it remains the official emblem of Flydubai today. The badge features a wordmark in two different styles and colors, set on transparent background with no framing or graphical support. The word fly” is given in a vivid orange shade reminiscent of the rays of the sun, while the word Dubai” features dark blue representing the sky. Also, you can see an orange dot to the right of the wordmark, which also has the sun inspiration. The extended end of the A” symbolizes a flying plane.

Font and color

The lowercase logotype of Flydubai is the only element of the badge, so a lot of attention has been given to the choice of the fonts in it. The first part of the lettering, “Fly”, is set in a modern and elegant sans-serif typeface with “f” and “l” merging into one symbol, and “y” set at a small distance from them. The font, closest to the one used for this part of the logo is, probably, House Sans Light, but with some modifications applied. As for the “Dubai” part of the logotype, it uses a heavier and more rounded style of the typeface, resembling Neuropa Medium or Epoch Regular fonts.

As for the color palette of the Flydubai visual identity, it is composed of two delightful and soft colors — orange and blue, where orange stands for the sun, and blue for the sky. Also, orange represents the energy and willingness with which the airline keeps growing, and blue is here as a symbol of reliability and safety.