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Fabric is an American insurance company, established in 2016 and headquartered in New York and specializes in family insurance services. The young and progressive company serves customers across the United States, offering two main types of policies — term, and whole; and is trusted by millions of clients.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a young and progressive firm is bright, energetic and minimalist, reflecting all the main principles of the company. The concept includes a logotype and an icon, which are used on their own and perfectly accompany each other.

The company’s logo was designed in 2016 by Mark Forscher from Under After design agency. The bright purple and white color palette of the wordmark is balanced by a colorful emblem, which also works as the firm’s icon.

The emblem is a stylized letter “F”, composed of six geometric shapes, each in its own color. The squares, triangles and circles of the symbol look playful and friendly in different shades of yellow, red and blue.

Logo Fabric

The main color palette of the insurer’s visual identity is purple and white, which symbolizes imagination, creativity, along with comfort and stability. White also adds to the company’s loyalty and reliability, showing the policy holder in the center of the firm’s values and interests.

The logotype was recently redesigned, but only the typeface was changed. The emblem and color palette remain untouched, so does the mood and character of a bright visual identity.


The Fabric logotype from 2016 was executed in a thing and light serif typeface, which is very close to Calluna Light font, with distinctive serifs. The font looks strong and stylish in a light purple corporate color.

The new version of the company’s logo is written in all the lowercase letters and with the use of a bold customized sans-serif typeface, which is probably based on the Typold Condensed Bold, with modified letters “F” and “A”, connected with a smooth line, which resembles a flow or eternity.

Fabric Logo


Fabric Insurance is an innovative agency, which is fully web-based. The company offers policies and plans available only for online sales, no brokers or offices. Operating all over the United States except for Montana state, the Agency also provides its customers with an opportunity to use a free will-writing tool on its website. It lets people specify their wishes and final arrangements, as well as designate guardians and beneficiaries.

The digital life insurance company offers various policies including death, term life, and accidental coverage services. The main features of the agency are inexpensive and accessible policies, no medical examination requirements for term life plans, quickness’s and easiness if application.

Customers who want to obtain a term life insurance only answer questions online and most part of them can get their policies straightaway, without waiting, which is really a huge benefit.

In some states term, life insurance is the only available product, but the company is expanding its fields of activity and being trusted by more and more clients across the country.