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Probably, if there wasn’t a great need for food emoji, there wouldn’t be so many of them in the standard Unicode set. That means we often talk about food and various delicious things. So today we want to take a closer look at one emoji from this category, namely the Cookie Emoji. Does it have any hidden meanings or is everything prosaic and obvious? Let’s find out!

🍪 The Cookie Emoji was assigned the code U+1F36A, with which it was added to the Food and Drink section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Cookie Emoji

Of course, this emoji is mainly used in its direct meaning, because cookies are a favorite sweet of both adults and children from all over the world. By the way, in the United States, a whole holiday is dedicated to cookies, which falls in December. Sweets are always a pleasure.

Emoji Cookie

But, this is far from the only meaning of this emoji. In fact, there are several more, because today the word “Cookie” is widely used in youth slang. And most often it means something “cool”. Also, the cookie emoji is often found in messages with flirting, when someone “sweet as a cookie” is meant.

But that’s not all. Cookies are information that your browser stores on your computer when you visit websites. Cookies have appeared in IT jargon thanks to fortune cookies – confectionery products inside which a note with aphorisms and variants of events in the future is baked. Contrary to popular belief, the cookies were brought to the United States not by Chinese but by Japanese immigrants. Later, these sweets “migrated” to the slang of programmers: the data that the server transmits to the user, began to be called cookies. This word very succinctly and easily explained the principle of operation of files containing ready-made, predictable information.

The Use of the Cookie Emoji

Cookies are a sweet treat that we love to savor at any time of the day or night. They are suitable for any occasion, from a holiday dinner to morning coffee. However, in the emoji world, this symbol has several uses. Slang cookie terms continue to evolve with the advancement of technology and the internet in general.

Cookie Emoji

A cookie is a way of tracking a user’s actions on a website by placing a small text file on their computer. Cookies can be used to save user preferences and provide a personalized experience.

Also the cookie emoji can be used in posts and messages about something cool and interesting, or in playful ways to show the sympathy for a pretty girl or boy. But one thing is for sure — the Cookie Emoji just can’t mean anything bad.


So today we have been talking about one of the sweetest emojis from the standard Unicode set, the Cookie Emoji. As we have mentioned above, this tasty icon can be used in several ways, but usually means just good stuff. So don’t worry if you got a Coolie Emoji in a message. This may only mean that the person, who sent it wants you to feel sweet and pampered. Or your interlocutor is deep in the IT sector.