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Evergreen International Airlines is an aviation company that specializes in global cargo transportation. Founded in 1960, it is currently owned by Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. The company operates from its headquarters in McMinnville, Oregon, USA. Evergreen International Airlines offers its services to various industries, including the military, aerospace, and commercial sectors. It has a fleet of cargo aircraft that serve destinations worldwide, providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions for a wide range of cargo needs.

Meaning and history

Evergreen International Airlines Logo

Evergreen International Airlines was founded by Delford M. Smith in 1960. It quickly became a prominent player in the aviation industry. The company specialized in air cargo transportation, charter flights, and maintenance services. Notable achievements include being the first U.S. airline to operate the Boeing 747 Freighter and being a key provider of logistical support during the Gulf War in 1991. Evergreen International Airlines also played a vital role in firefighting efforts, utilizing its fleet of supertanker aircraft to combat wildfires. However, in 2013, the company faced financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy, leading to the suspension of its operations.

What is Evergreen International Airlines?
Evergreen International Airlines was a cargo airline based in the United States. It operated scheduled and charter flights, primarily for freight transportation. The airline was known for its extensive fleet of Boeing 747 cargo aircraft and provided logistics support for various industries worldwide. However, it ceased operations in 2013.