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EA Games is the previous name of EA Worldwide Studios. In its turn, EA Worldwide Studios is one of the labels of the US video game company Electronic Arts Inc., which was named the second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe by revenue and market capitalization in May 2020.

Meaning and history

EA Games Logo history

EA Worldwide Studios combines several studios developing various games sold under the EA brand.

2000 – 2002

EA Games Logo 2000

The EA Games logo always echoed the shape and style of the visual brand identity of its parent company. To be precise, we’re talking about the dynamic “EA” combination, which was introduced as the logo of Electronic Arts in 1999 replacing their long-running Shapes emblem. It was around this period that the EA Games brand appeared and became the company’s primary publishing label.
In the original EA Games emblem, the letters “EA” were given in a muted, greenish shade of blue with a slight gradient. The word “Games” in teal could be seen below. The typographic part was placed inside what looked like a metal ring combining smooth and ribbed surfaces. The different surfaces made the ring look dimensional and also provided a dynamic touch.

2002 – 2005

EA Games Logo

This version resembles a badge. The ribbed ring was replaced by a shiny sleek one. The surface inside the ring was now not white but featured a grayish gradient, which made it look like convex glass or transparent plastic. The lettering became brighter, shinier. The vivid electric shade of blue for the “EA” was combined with the neon tint of light blue for “Games.”


The combination of the letters “E” and “A” is what makes the logo recognizable. The letters are executed in a highly dynamic, edgy style.
The type in the second word was slightly updated in 2020, although the differences were fairly subtle. On the whole, this part of the logo isn’t very unique.


The palette moved from a rather toned down one in the 2000 EA Games logo to a more vivid and sparking one in the 2002 version. However, in both cases, the main colors were various shades of blue combined with gray.

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