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As of September 2021, “Drumstick” is primarily recognized as a brand of ice cream cones filled with various flavors and often topped with nuts or chocolate. Originally created by the Parker brothers in the U.S., the brand is now owned by Nestlé. Drumstick’s signature product features a unique combination of crispy cone, rich ice cream, and a chocolatey tip. Nestlé has expanded the brand globally, making it available in numerous countries. Its primary markets include the U.S., Canada, and parts of Asia. The brand continuously innovates, introducing new flavors and product variations to cater to changing consumer tastes.

Meaning and history

The “Drumstick” brand traces its origins to the 1920s when it was innovatively conceived by the Parker brothers, Bruce and I.C., in the United States. They were inspired to create an ice cream treat that could be enjoyed without a bowl or spoon. By securing the ice cream and toppings inside a crisp waffle cone, they developed a product that would become an iconic treat.

The name “Drumstick” was allegedly coined when Mrs. Parker commented that the creation looked like a chicken drumstick. As the brand began to flourish, its unique selling proposition was the combination of the crispy cone, luscious ice cream, and a surprise chocolatey tip.

Over the decades, Drumstick underwent various changes in ownership and production. Nestlé, the global food and beverage giant, eventually acquired the brand, positioning it as one of its premium ice cream products. Under Nestlé’s wing, Drumstick saw expanded distribution, reaching households not just in the U.S., but also in Canada, parts of Asia, and beyond.

Nestlé played a significant role in evolving Drumstick’s offerings. The brand underwent numerous product innovations, introducing an array of flavors and variants, including some that catered to local tastes in different global markets.

Drumstick stands as a testament to the Parker brothers’ inventive spirit, having transformed from a local novelty to a global brand. While it has witnessed changes in ownership and production techniques, its core essence — providing a delightful ice cream experience without the need for additional utensils — remains unchanged.


Drumstick Logo

Centered prominently is an elliptical emblem containing the word “Nestlé” in bold red letters against a stark blue background. Adjacent to this emblem, in a cascading fashion, is the word “DRUMSTICK” spelled out in large, bubbly red letters. Each letter has a pronounced white outline, adding depth to the design. Above the word “DRUMSTICK” is a cursive inscription reading “The Original Sundae Cone” in blue, underscoring the brand’s legacy. The overall design conveys a playful and nostalgic vibe, synonymous with the joy of enjoying an ice cream cone.

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