Destiny Logo

Destiny Logo
The online multiplayer video game Destiny was created by Bungie. The company has never given any official explanation of the Destiny logo so far, so there are quite a few theories about the meaning of the emblem.

Meaning and History logo

Destiny logo history

The emblem nicknamed the Tricorn could refer to the class (Titan, Worlock, and Hunter) or the race (Awoken, Human, and Exo), or three wolves in a pack, while the bit in the middle could represent the Traveler. Some players believe The Tricorn represents a humanoid holding his arms up welcoming the Traveler.

“Wolf” emblem Destiny

Destiny Emblem
One of the most popular explanations is based on the fact that the emblem resembles a wolf’s muzzle. In the game, there are quite a few references to the guardians being wolves. The wolf motifs can be seen on the armor and on the Iron Banner. Also, some players remember the first trailer for the game, where the strength of the wolf in the pack was discussed. In addition to this, the Traveler has been nicknamed Alpha Lupi (Prime Wolf) in the Grimoire.

“Crotch” symbol Destiny

Destiny Symbol
Many players assume that the logo was inspired by the Master Chief’s crotch plate. Although this explanation seems more of a joke, we cannot deny the obvious similarity between the emblem and this piece of the Master Chief’s costume.


Font Destiny Logo
The wordmark is given in a clear sans serif uppercase typeface.


Color Destiny Logo
The white and grey shades of the Destiny logo have a metallic feel.