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Cal Poly Mustangs Logo
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Cal Poly Mustangs is the name of an athletic program from California Polytechnic State University, which was established in 1901 and based in San Luis Obispo. The university is usually called Cal Poly, hence the name of the program. Mustangs consists of 21 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the first division of the NCAA.

Meaning and history

Cal Poly Mustangs Logo history

Each of the teams of the Cal Poly Mustangs athletic program is a member of one of the strongest intercollegiate conferences in the United States. Thus the program is a part of the NCAA, the football team belongs to the Big Sky Conference, while the swimming and diving subdivision compete under the wing of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, and the wrestling club is a part of the Pac-12 Conference.

What are Cal Poly Mustangs?

Cal Poly Mustangs is the name for men’s and women’s sports teams of the California Polytechnic University in Obispo. The athletic program is composed of 21 teams in disciplines like Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Wrestling, and others. Cal Poly Mustangs are members of NCAA, and Big West Conference.

In terms of the visual identity of the collegiate athletic program of the California polytechnic university, the logo hasn’t changed much since 1999, even though there was one redesign held from that time. The badge of the sports clubs from Cal Poly is executed in elegant and strong style and palette, with the program’s mascot in the center of the composition.

1999 — 2006

Cal Poly Mustangs Logo 1999

The Cal Poly Mustangs logo, designed in 1999, featured a composition with a running horse in the middle, “Cal Poly” lettering arched on its sides, and the small “Mustang” written in a straight line under the image. The horse was drawn in as a light cream shade with green and white details over its body and head, and a built black outline with some gold accents.

As for the lettering, it was executed in the uppercase of a narrowed and sharp serif typeface with triangular ends of the lines and stable letters, drawn in green and outlined in white and gold. On the “Mustang” part the white part of the outline was almost not seen.

2007 — Today

Cal Poly Mustangs Logo

With the redesign of 2007, the composition and style of the Cal Poly Mustangs badge haven’t changed at all, as the refinements were all about colors and delicate accents. Thus, the green shade of the lettering became darker and all letters gained thin white lines, adding volume and gloss to the surface, while the white part of the “Mustang” outline has now become thicker. As for the horse image, all the green accents on the animal were replaced by dark gold, so the Mustang was now executed in a creamy brown color palette, looking graceful and elegant.