Cropp Logo

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Cropp logo
Cropp is a polish streetwear brand, which is focused on the young audience and specialized in different fashion and accessories subculture collections. The brand has its stores in Russia and Eastern Europe and is lived for its bold prints and graffiti patterns.

Meaning and history

Cropp logo

The Cropp visual identity is based on the octagon shape. Its logo is sharp, young and saucy, looking modern and strong in its simplicity.
The Cropp wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a geometric sans-serif typeface, where each letter has eight angles.
One more unique detail of the Cropp inscription is the diagonal placement of the letter “O”, which looks like it is falling out of the signboard. It is a perfect reflection of a hound rebellious spirit of the brand and the audience it is focused on.
Executed in a monochrome color palette, the Cropp logo looks even more confident and strong, and when placed on a signboard, the letters have neon lighting inside, which adds a feeling of a night-club and eternal dance.
The Cropp logo is stylish and full of energy and progressive vibes, it shows the per-fect example of how the modern brand for young people should look like — simple yet brave and bold.