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The logo of the US airline Comair was eye-catching and bright. And yet, it was not very dynamic in comparison with many of its competitors.

Meaning and history

Comair Logo history

The last Comair logo featured the name of the company in red. The dot above the “I” was replaced by a boomerang shape that could be interpreted as a symbol of aircraft of a bird in flight. In this way, the logo gave a hint that the company worked in the airline industry. The vivid red color on the white background created a positive, energizing impression.

1977 – 1987

Comair Logo old

The earlier version was also bright red on the white background and featured nothing but the name of the airline. Yet, the type was utterly different. Its legibility was much worse, and it lacked motion.

2002 – 2021

Comair logo

While the boomerang looked dynamic enough, the lettering dominating the design was pretty static.


The Comair logo featured a type that was both distinctive and highly legible. Its memorable style was created by the difference in the width of the strokes as well as the various fresh details, from the “thorn” on the “A” to the elongated middle of the “M.”

Company overview

Comair commenced operations in 1977. In 1986, 20% of Comair stock was purchased by Delta Air Lines. Eventually, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines. In the fall of 2012, Comair ceased operations.