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CityJet is a prominent airline company, specializing in regional flights and charter services. It is owned by Intro Aviation, a German aviation company. CityJet operates across Europe, serving various destinations including major cities and regional airports. The company has established partnerships with leading airlines, such as Air France and Brussels Airlines, and has a fleet of modern aircraft to ensure a comfortable travel experience for its passengers. With its commitment to quality service and convenient connections, CityJet continues to expand its presence in the European aviation market.

Meaning and history

CityJet Logo history

CityJet is an Irish regional airline founded by Pat Byrne in 1993. Over the years, it has achieved significant milestones, including expanding its route network across Europe, operating flights on behalf of major airlines, and providing efficient services to business and leisure travelers. CityJet continues to operate as a leading regional airline, offering scheduled and charter flights, primarily focusing on the European market.

What is CityJet?
CityJet is an Irish regional airline that operates scheduled passenger flights across Europe. It was founded in 1993 and primarily focuses on providing services for other airlines through wet lease agreements, where it leases its aircraft and crew to other carriers. CityJet has a fleet of regional aircraft and has established itself as a reliable and efficient operator in the European aviation market.

1992 – 2007

CityJet Logo 1992

The first CityJet logo, designed in 1992, was set in a lively blue and lime-green color palette, with the lettering as the only element. The wordmark was set in a mixed case, with the blue “City” set in a geometric sans-serif, and a cool green “Jet” in a stylized font with sharp elongated details.

2007 – 2015

CityJet Logo 2007

The redesign of 2007 has switched the color palette of the wordmark to blue and gold and added a modern minimalistic emblem in red to the right part of the composition. The typeface of the lettering was changed to a bold geometric sans-serif, which looked stable and strong.

2015 – now

CityJet Logo

In 2015 the CityJet logo was changed again. This time the graphical element was removed, and the lettering was rewritten in a gold and black color palette, with the “J” drawn in burgundy and red, creating a very laconic yet stylish element.