Cars brands and logos that start with B

Cars that start with B

There are plenty of highly prominent automotive manufacturers, whose brands start with the letter ‘B’. Besides BMW, Bugatti and Buick, however, a lot of smaller-scale producers also named their brands accordingly. Here’s the full list, anyhow.

Cars beginning with B:
Mazda and Mercedes have entire series meant for B-named cars. For the former, it’s sedans like B1500, B1600, B2000 & B2200. The most prominent Mercedes B-series include B-Class and B-150.


logo BMW

BMW is one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, active since 1916. Besides their own line of luxury and touring cars, they also make Rolls-Royce vehicles and Mini automobiles. BMW is considered one of the most successful car businesses of the current day. Their emblem is a checkered white-and-blue circle.

Car brands that start with B:
Bentley, BMW, Bugatti and Buick are the most popular car brands that start with B. There are also smaller candidates, like Bertone and Berkeley.


logo Bentley

Bentley Motors is a British car manufacturer established in 1919. Bentley specializes in luxury and high-performance cars. Besides that, there are also several Bentley SUVs, but the strict expensive autos are their key specialty.

Expensive cars that start with the letter B:
Bugatti and Bentley are two brands that sell their cars at extremely high prices. The former produces high-performance cars, the latter – luxury vehicles.


Buick Logo

Buick is an American brand of luxury cars owned by General Motors. The brand was created in 1899, and by 1908 they were bought by GM. Besides the usual luxury passenger cars, there’s also plenty of middle-size Buick SUVs. A trio of tall shields is normally used by Buick as a logo.

Smaller car brand names that start with B:
The smaller brands that start with include Benz, Berkeley, Brabus, Bristol Cars, Baojun. Many more are historic brands that went bankrupt.


logo Bugatti

Bugatti is a brand of French luxury and sports cars that operated in 1909-1963 and since 1998. Bugatti sports cars are counted amongst the most powerful and well-built high performance vehicles in the world. They use their own name written in white over a red oval as a car badge.

B Engineering

logo B Engineering

B Engineering is a small Italian car manufacturer founded in 2000. Their products are largely modifications of Bugatti sports cars (such as the Edonis supercar manufactured in extra low volume).


logo Babcock

Babcock Electric Carriage Company was an American car manufacturer that operated in 1906-1912. They constructed early electric cars until 1910.


logo BAC

Briggs Automotive Company is a British company created in 2009. Their sole product is BAC Mono – a 1-seat powerful sports car that can be driven in the cities.


logo BAD

The British American Daytonas company was known for the production of high performance racing cars with smooth sleek contours of the exterior and top-notch technical characteristics. The brand has always paid a lot of attention to aesthetics.

BAIC Group

logo BAIC Group

BAIC Group is a conglomerate of several key Chinese carmakers that exists since 1958. The products of these companies include various passenger cars (mostly SUVs) and military vehicles.

Bailey & Company

logo SR Bailey & Company

SR Bailey & Company was an American car manufacturer that made electric cars in 1905-1916. In total, they’ve made over a dozen early electricity-driven carriages.

Bajaj Auto Limited

logo Bajaj

Bajaj Auto is a major Indian producer of scooters, motorcycles and rickshaws. It was established in 1945 and remains one of the largest suppliers of vehicles in India.

Baker Electrics

logo Baker Electrics

Baker Motor Vehicle Company made electric cars in 1899-1914. These American cars were one of the earliest examples of such vehicles in the country and world.


logo Ballot

Ballot was a generally engineering company from France that operated in 1905-1932. In the later years, they started making high-performance and urban cars.


logo Bandini

Bandini Automobil was an Italian brand of sports cars that existed in 1946-1992. The race cars they made won some renown but were overshadowed by the classic Italian sports cars.


logo Baojun

Baojun is a Chinese car-making business partially owned by General Motors. They were opened in 2010 and created a big number of SUVs since then.

Baolong Motors Co. Ltd

logo Guangzhou Baolong Motors

Guangzhou Baolong Company was a Chinese carmaker from 1998 to 2005. They mostly modified vans and SUVs from foreign brands (from America and Japan, mostly).


logo Barkas

VEB Barkas-Werke was an East-German manufacturer of vans and trucks in 1958-1990. Most of their products were used by the state or as modes of public transportation.

Barley Motor Car Co.

logo Barley Motor

Barley was a short-lived American carmaker that operated from 1916 until 1925. They made a total of three expensive and mildly successful passenger cars.

Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Company

logo Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Company

Bauer Taxicab Company was an American auto manufacturer that attempted making cars for use as taxis in 1925-27. It largely failed.

Bay State Auto

logo Bay State Auto

Bay State Automobile Co. was an unsuccessful American carmaker that existed in 1906-1908. They made two touring models, which were unsuccessful.


logo Bayliss-Thomas

Bayliss-Thomas cars were produced in early 1920s by a British motorcycle company called Excelsior. There were 7 models of these cars in total.

BCK Motor Car

logo BCK Motor Car
BCK Motor Car (more commonly known as Kline Kar) was an American passenger car produced by BCK in 1910-1923. There were several versions produced in the process.

Bean Cars

logo Bean Cars

Bean Cars was an engineering company from Britain. Although they lived until 2005, most of their cars (passenger and commercial vehicles) were created in the 1920s.

Beardsley Electric Company

logo Beardsley Electric Company

Beardsley was a short-lived American car business from 1913 till 1917. They made 7 slightly different electric car models that were combined sold in some hundreds.


logo Bedelia

Bedelia was one of the most popular cyclecar models produced in 1910-25 in France. These cars were lightweight 2-seaters without a cabin. The model was scrapped after cyclecars dropped in popularity.

Bedford Vehicles

logo Bedford Vehicles

Bedford was a subsidiary of Vauxhall and existed from 1931 until 1986. Most of their products included lorries, busses, vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

BeiBen Truck

logo BeiBen Truck

BeiBen is a Chinese automotive company founded in 1988. Their product line consists entirely of heavy trucks. This includes their flagman BeiBen V3.

Beijing Automobile Works

logo Beijing Automobile Works

Beijing Automobile Works (or BAW) is a major Chinese carmaker established in 1953. Besides some passenger models, they make a lot of SUVs, utility cars, vans and military vehicles.

Beiqi Foton

logo Beiqi Foton

Foton Motors is a Chinese automotive company founded in 1996. The bulk of their products include busses, light trucks and vans.

Bell Aurens

logo Bell Aurens

Bell Aurens Longnose is a unique car built from the 1967 Land Rover Series 3. It’s basically the same car, but with a cabin located in the back. Only one of these was made.


logo Bellanger

The Bellanger cars were made between 1912 and 1925 by the Bellanger brothers. These were big, powerful cars (some with 8-cylinder engines). Most of these were considered expensive luxury vehicles.


logo Bellier

The Bellier Company was founded in 1980 by Jean Bellier. It was a little-known company that made microcars and microtrucks in France.

Bentall EH Bentall Ltd

logo Bentall EH Bentall Ltd
EH Bentall & Co was established in the early 19th century. Originally producing ploughs and agricultural equipment, they went on to create tractors in the 20th century.


logo Benz

Benz & Cie. was the first-ever automotive company owned by Carl Benz. It was this company that produced the original automobile – the 1885 Benz three-wheeler.


logo Berg

Berg Automobile Company was a short-lived car manufacturer that existed in 1903-1904. Their one product was a high-class touring car ‘Berg’ built in 1904.

Berkeley Cars Ltd

Berkeley Logo

Berkeley Cars was a British automotive company in 1956-1980. They mostly made compact touring cars fit for two people. Their badge was a white letter ‘B’ on a red-white circle.


logo Berliet

Berliet was a major French car brand in 1899-1978. They made passenger cars before WW2, trucks afterwards and gradually became a subsidiary of Renault.

Berrien Buggy Inc.

logo Berrien Buggy
Berrien Buggy is an American car manufacturer, founded in 1968. They mostly make buggies of all sorts, including beach and off-road models.


logo Bertone

Bertone is an Italian car styling company established in 1912. They didn’t make as many cars, but throughout their history a lot of big car brands had Bertone design their products. This includes Chevrolet, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and many more.


logo Bestune

Bestune is a brand of Chinese cars established in 2005. Their line of products includes compact SUVs, although the latest releases include promising electric crossovers.


logo BFA

The name of this historical German automaker is deciphered as the Bolle und Fiedler Automobilbau, a company named after its founders. This brand only lasted for a few years, ceasing all operations before the World War II, and today is almost fully forgotten.


logo BharatBenz

BharatBenz is an Indian subsidiary of Mercedes created in 2011. They mostly trucks and busses of their original make.


logo Bianchi

Bianchi is an old Italian brand of bicycles established in the 1880s. In the 1930s, they also began building motorcycles and trucks, and in 1955 the Autobianchi Company – the automotive subsidiary of Bianchi – was created.


Bi-Autogo was a project of an American cyclecar produced in 1908-1912. It was a lightweight, double-seat model with a powerful V8 engine.


logo Biddle

Biddle was a car model produced in America between 1915 and 1922. It was a premium car built custom from various high-quality parts at the buyer’s request.


logo Bignan

Bignan was a French car brand that operated between 1918 and 1931. Several models were created under this name, most were sports cars developed by Jacque Bignan himself.


logo Birkin

Birkin Cars is a South-African car manufacturer established in 1982. They specialize in sports cars; their flagman has thus been a modified version of Lotus Super 7 they call ‘S3’.


logo Bitter

Bitter is a German-Austrian brand of cars introduced in 1971. Most of their products are modified versions of Australian Holden and German Open vehicles, mostly turning them into luxury cars.


logo Bizzarrini

Bizzarrini is a minor sports car brand from Italy. It was established in 1964, and until now they’ve created a handful of high-quality compact sports cars.

Blackjack Cars

logo Blackjack Cars

Blackjack Cars is a British car manufacturer founded in 1966. Their line of products includes two three-wheeler compact sports cars called Avion and Zero.

Blitzworld Buggies Ltd

logo Blitzworld Buggies

Blitzworld Buggies is a buggy brand established in 1996. They make kit car buggies for adults and children, including some durable high performance variants.


logo BLM
BLM Company was an American car manufacturer, founded in 1905. Their cars were classic examples of early racing cars.


logo BNC

BNC (aka Bollack, Netter, etc Cie.) was a French automaker in 1923-1931. They made several models of successful sports cars and quickly dissolved.


logo Bob

Another historical automaking brand, which is almost forgotten today is BOB. The company had quite a short yet bright life, and featured a very brutal and bold visual identity, which alone for itself, representing the confidence of the brand.


Bohse Automobilbau was a short-lived West German carmaker that existed in later 80s. The one model they made was Eurostar – a German modification of the Russian Lada.

Bollinger Motors

logo Bollinger Motors

Bollinger Motors is an American car manufacturer established in 2014. They have developed a pair of fully-electric off-road SUVs called B1 and B2.


logo Bolwell

Bolwell was a car manufacturing company from Australia that operated from 1962 until 1979. They focused of creating several sports coupes, including some kit care variants.

Bond Cars Ltd

logo Bond Cars Ltd

Bond Cars (aka Sharp’s Commercials) was a British car manufacturer between 1922 and 1969. Their specialization was minicars, particularly three-wheelers like Reliant.


logo Borgward

Borgward was a German carmaker between 1939 and 1963. They united several car brands, and Borgward in particular was a family of luxury and high performance vehicles.


logo Bosmal

Bosmal is a reputable European company, which was established in 1972, and is known as an expert in engine and fuel technology. Today the company is mainly focused in the development of electric and hybrid automobiles.

Bowler Manufacturing Ltd

logo Bowler Manufacturing Ltd

Bowler is a British car brand established in 1985. Most of Bowlet cars are Land Rover vehicles made into off-road and high performance (sometimes both) variations.


logo BRA

The name of the brand, BRA, stands for Beribo Replica Automobiles, an automaking company, which was established in the end of the 1970s by John Berry and Peter Ibbotson. The brand was known for creating replicas of the most outstanding racing cars.

Brabus GmbH

logo Brabus

Brabus is a popular aftermarket company in Germany. They mostly serve Mercedes by tuning and upgrading their cars. They’ve been doing it since 1977.

Bradley Automotive

logo Bradley Automotive

Bradley was an American producer of kit cars between 1970 and 1981. They primarily sold sports cars – either ready-made or as kits.


logo Brammo

Brammo is an American automotive business established in 2002. Most of their automotive products are electric motorcycles, although there have also been several racing car models.


logo Brasier

Brasier was an early 20th century producer of cars from France (1905-1931). Initially, they’ve been making cyclecars, but then expanded into the market of high performance cars.


logo Brasinca

Brasinca Uirapuru was a Brazilian-made automobile produced from 1964 to 1966. It was a touring sports car, which was only produced in miniscule quantities.

Bremach Industry

logo Bremach Industry

Bremach is currently and American truck manufacturer with Italian roots. Since 2018, they are a solely American producer of military vehicles and trucks.


logo Brennabor

Brennabor was a Germany company that made bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles in 1871-1945. Admittedly, their car section was poorer and only included a few models.

Brewster & Co

logo Brewster & Co

Brewster was originally a carriage manufacturer from America. They operated from 1910 to 1936, and for the last several decades they’ve also been making automobiles – not very successfully.


logo Bricklin

Bricklin Vehicle Corporation was a short-lived Canadian carmaker that operated between 1974 and 1975. In this time, they’ve made one vehicle – a two-seat sports car SV-1.


logo Briggs-Detroiter

Briggs-Detroiter was an American car produced in Detroit in 1912-1917. It was rather successful, despite being a somewhat high-class option.

Brilliance China Auto

logo Brilliance

Brilliance is a Chinese car brand established in 1992. Their primary products include passenger cars (mostly SUVs) and vans.


logo Briscoe

Briscoe was an early American automotive company active in 1912-1921. They’ve only managed to create a few touring models in that time.

Bristol Cars

logo Bristol

Bristol Cars was founded in Britain in 1945. Since then, they’ve mostly been making luxury and touring cars. They often used engines and parts from other companies, such as BMW or Chrysler.


logo BLMC

British Leyland Motor Corporation was a conglomerate of several car manufacturers from UK. It was formed in 1968 and included Leyland, Austin, Rover and several more iconic British brands.

British Salmson

logo British Salmson

British Salmson was a car manufacturer between 1934 and 1939. It was originally a French company that turned British. They made several passenger cars and turned to aircraft parts during the war.


logo Briton

Briton Motor Company was an early British car-making business that operated (with pauses) from 1909 to 1929. During that time, they’ve created several dozen car models.


logo Broc

Broc was an American producer of electric cars, active in 1904-1914. It total, there have been 26 distinct models released to the market.

Brooke Cars

logo Brooke

Brooke Cars is a minor carmaker from Britain. It was established in 2002 and by now managed to manufacture one light sports car called ‘Double R’.


logo Brush

Brush was an American car manufacturer that operated from 1907 to 1903. The bulk of their production was single-seat, single-cylinder light cars sold at affordable price.


logo BSA

BSA was a line of cars manufactured from 1907 to 1932 by different companies. For much of the earlier period, Daimler (Mercedes) carried out the job. Later, Jaguar took on the task.


logo Bub
Bub (aka Bubmobile) is a series of small toy cars. They are produced by the company with the same name – Bub.


logo Buckler

The Bucker Cars Company was a British brand that operated from 1947 to 1962. The cars they built were mostly high performance models and saw little success.


logo Budd

The Budd Company (1912-2014) was an engineering company that dabbled in automotive industry. They created some cars, mostly in their formative years. Most of their effort went to building trains.

Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company

logo Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company

The Buffalo Company was an American car conglomerate that existed between 1912 and 1915. It was a result of merging several contemporary electric car manufacturers.


logo Bufori

Bufori is a Malay car brand established in 1986. They mostly make passenger cars inspired by the early American vehicles from the 30s. They are custom-made and luxurious.


logo Buire
Buire Cars (or Buire Car Company) was a French carmaker in 1905-1930. They mainly produced racing cars and other high-performance models.


logo Bungartz Butz

Bungartz Butz was a compact passenger car developed in Germany in 1933. The company that made it created a few exemplars and didn’t live long thereafter.


logo Burton

Burton is a sports car designed in 1998 in the Netherlands. Its performance can compare to the modern cars, but the look is that of a classic sports car from the 30-50s.


logo Bush

Bush was an American car manufacturer that operated between 1916 and 1924. They created a total of 6 passenger cars, which could be ordered via mail.

BXR Motors

logo BXR Motors
BXR Motors is an American carmaker, established in 2008. They focus on producing the ‘All-American’ muscle cars, and there are currently 2 full models of these.


BYD Logo

BYD Company is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 1995. They manufacture eco-friendly vehicles, including cars, trucks and busses, although there aren’t too many models for sale right now.


logo Byton

Byton is a German car manufacturer founded in 2016. It’s jointly owned by BMW and Nissan. Their products include electric passenger cars and crossovers.


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