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Cargolux is a leading cargo airline based in Luxembourg. Established in 1970, it specializes in global airfreight operations. The company is jointly owned by Luxair and the Luxembourg state, with a strong emphasis on quality and reliability. Cargolux operates from its hub at Luxembourg Airport, strategically connecting major trade routes worldwide. With a fleet of modern and efficient aircraft, the airline serves numerous destinations, facilitating international trade and meeting the growing demand for air cargo transportation.

Meaning and history

Cargolux Logo

Cargolux is a Luxembourg-based cargo airline that was founded in 1970 by Luxembourg Airlines, private investors, and the country’s government. Throughout its history, Cargolux has achieved significant milestones in the air cargo industry. In 1978, it became the first airline to operate a scheduled freight service using an all-cargo aircraft. In 2011, Cargolux introduced the first Boeing 747-8F, the world’s most advanced freighter, into its fleet. Today, Cargolux is one of the leading global cargo carriers, operating a modern fleet of Boeing 747 freighters and serving over 90 destinations worldwide. The airline continues to provide efficient and reliable airfreight services, contributing to the growth and development of international trade.

What is Cargolux?
Cargolux is a cargo airline based in Luxembourg. It is one of the largest all-cargo airlines in the world, specializing in the transportation of freight and logistics solutions. With a global network and a fleet of dedicated freighter aircraft, Cargolux plays a vital role in the international air cargo industry.

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