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Denmark car brands

What is Denmark Car Brands?

The Danish are pretty poor on car brands. What little they have is Zenvo – a supercar manufacturer; and Hydrema – a manufacturer of various big utility vehicles. There are several smaller brands, but they aren’t significant enough.

Denmark isn’t as successful in car industry as their neighbors Sweden and Germany. There are several successful brands, but they aren’t big. Denmark doesn’t even have many foreign subsidiaries. What this country has is a few varying carmakers, including some sports car manufacturers and utility car builders.

Zenvo Automotive

Zenvo Logo

Zenvo is a carmaker from Eastern Denmark. It was founded in 2004 to build supercars. To date, they’ve built two main models with several variations. These cars are supposed to be extremely high-performance, and they succeed at that. Zenvo cars are amongst the fastest in the region. Their logo is a black badge with the company’s name written in white, thin letters in the top and an outline of a gear stick in the center.


Hydrema is a producer of heavy vehicles from Denmark. It was founded in 1959 in Northern Denmark. Most of their products are diggers, dump trucks, loaders and even some military vehicles. Basically, it’s a manufacturer of heavy utility cars. Hydrema doesn’t have any proper emblems. Their logo is their own wordmark, made in big, black serif letters + a dashed square of yellow and black.