Car brands and logos that start with F

Car brands that start with F

There are dozens of operating car brands in the world today, and hundreds of discontinued ones, with different stories, concepts, and ideas. Today we are going to take a look at the automobile manufacturer, which names start with the letter “F”, whether they still exist, ceased all operations by now, or were just recently established. The letter can not be called a very popular one to start the brand’s name with, although, there are always exceptions — Ferrari is one of the most famous automakers, synonymous with luxury sports cars, which are considered to be the most desirable vehicles all over the globe.

So let’s see and check, whether there are the F-brands, which deserve to be on one list with Ferrari. All brands in the list are arranged in alphabetical order.

Facel Vega

Logo Facel Vega

The first F-brand we are going to talk about today is Facel Vega, a French automaker with a pretty short history — the company was established in 1939, and ceased all operations by 1964. Facel Bega started as a manufacturer of pressed steel components for vehicles, and in time began to design its cars. The first car of the brand was released in the middle of the 1950s, and it was an HK500.

Faraday Future

Logo Faraday Future

The second name in our article is Faraday Future, a completely different company: this is a young innovative player in the automobile world’s market. The brand was established in 2014 and has always been focused on the development and production of electric vehicles. By 2022 the company has released five different models of electric cars, which are all extremely stylish and sleek, with top-notch technical characteristics.

Faralli & Mazzanti

Logo Faralli & Mazzanti

Faralli & Mazzanti is the original name of the Mazzanti Automobili, an Italian manufacturer of high-performance cars, which was established in 1960 by António Faralli and Rossellini Mazzanti, for car body manufacturing and car design. The company was renamed in 2002, and today is headquartered in Pisa, operating on different continents. The brand is mostly known for its amazing supercars.

Farbio Sports Cars

Logo Farbio Sports Cars

Another name on our list is Farbio Sports Cars. It is a discontinued brand of sports car manufacturing company, established in Great Britain in 2004 by Christopher George Marsh. The first automobile of the brand saw the light only in 2007, and in 2010 the company has already stopped production of vehicles. However, the Farbio brand still operating for three more years and closed in 2013.


Logo Farboud

Farboud is the name of one of the supercars brands, owned by the Arash Motor Company, a British private group, established at the end of the 1990s. The first car under the Farboud brand was developed in 1999 but only shown two years after, in 2001. A few years later, in 2004, the most significant model of the brand was introduced — the Farboud GTS, which in 2005 was renamed to Farbio, and this is when the Farboud brand stopped existing.

Farman Aviation Works

Logo Farman Aviation Works

Farman Aviation Works is the name of a defunct French company, which was established in 1908, and ceased all operations in 1936. Throughout its pretty short history, the company has changed its specialization from aircraft and engine manufacturing to the production of cars and boats. However, the cars under the Farman Aviation Works brand were released only in 1931.


Logo FAW

FAW is an abbreviation, standing for the full name of a Chinese automaking company, the First Automobile Works. It was established at the beginning of the 1950s, and by today has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles in the Asian region. The company produces passenger and commercial cars, trucks, buses, and automotive spare parts. Today FAW operates all over the globe and has several subdivisions.


Logo Fenix

Just like its name, derived from the Phoenix bird, the life of this British automaker was short but bright. The company, established in 2009 by Lee Noble, had very ambitious plans for the production of a new generation of sports cars. Fenix managed to create one car, which didn’t even get a name, in 2010, but already in 2012, the company had to cease all operations due to financial difficulties.


Logo Ferrari

Yes. We won’t argue if you say, that this is the most famous name on our today’s list. Ferrari is the iconic name in the world’s automobile history. This luxury sports car manufacturer was established in 1939 and named after its founder, Enzo Ferrari, the legend. The logo of this brand is definitely one of the most recognizable images of the last century, and for a reason — each Ferrari car is a masterpiece, both in design and technical characteristics.


Logo Fiat

Another famous automaker from the F-list is the Italian Fiat. The manufacturer of budget cars was established at the end of the 19th century, and by today has grown into one of the world’s most influential players in the automobile market. In the 2010s Fiat merged with the American Chrysler, to form a huge international conglomerate, which later was bought by the Dutch Stellantis.


Logo Fioravanti

Fioravanti is one more Italian name on our today’s list. This company was established in Turin in 1987 and named after its founder, Leonardo Fioravanti. It is not a usual car manufacturing brand, but a conceptual atelier, which is specialized in the restyling and design of vehicles. Apart from that, the company is engaged in the testing and validation of cars, and industrial design.


Logo Fisker

Fisker is a defunct American automaking brand, which had a very short and not very interesting life. The brand was established in 2007, with the idea of creating a new supercar. The most famous model of the brand is Karma, a hybrid sports car, which saw the light in 2009 and started sales even later. Unfortunately, the company didn’t manage to go further, and ceased all operations in 2014, due to financial difficulties. Moreover, in 2018 Fisker was sued by Tesla.


Logo Foday

One more Asian automobile company with a name starting with “F” is Foday. This automaker was established in China in 1988 under the name Guangdong Fudi Automobile Co. Since then the company successfully produces trucks and commercial vehicles, along with SUVs and automotive parts. Foday is headquartered in Guangdong and operates internationally, although China remains the main market for the brand.

Foden Trucks

Logo Foden Trucks

Foden Trucks is the name of a historical automaking brand from Great Britain, which was started in 1998, and ceased all operations more than a century after its establishment, in 2006. Throughout its history, the company hasn’t changed its initial specialization — the design and production of trucks and commercial vehicles. The brand was bought by Paccar in 1980 and stopped existing being under its wing.


Logo Force

Force Motors is another Asian car manufacturer we are looking at today. The company was established in India in 1959, and still successfully operates, mainly in the local market. Force Motors is known as a manufacturer of commercial and agricultural vehicles, along with trucks and construction machinery. Until 2005 Force Motors has been known under the name Bajaj, and today it is a property of Firodia Group.


Logo Ford

The name in our list, which can compete in popularity with Ferrari and Fiat is the American Ford. One of the world’s oldest and most reputable automakers, this company was established in 1903 by Henry Ford, a man, who doesn’t need to be introduced. Today the company operates worldwide, having production facilities on all continents, and providing people from different countries with affordable and reliable cars.


Logo Foton

Foton is the name of another Chinese manufacturer of trucks and commercial vehicles. The company was established in 1996, and today is owned by the BAIC Group, one of the most reputable companies in the local market. Foton is specialized in the production of passenger cars, busses, large trucks, and light commercial vehicles. The company operates mainly in the Asian market.


Logo FPV

FPV is an abbreviation, which stands for Ford Performance Vehicles, a subdivision of the famous American automaker, which was established in 2002 with the idea of manufacturing high-performance cars, and ceased all ope raw ruins a decade after, in 2014. The company was operating in Australia and was a daughter brand of Ford Australia. Over the years, it managed to introduce several models, based on Ford Falcon and Ford Territory, along with three concept cars.

Franklin Automobile Company

Logo Franklin Automobile Company

Franklin Automobile Company is the name of a historical American car manufacturer, which was established in 1902, and ceased all operations in 1934. The brand specialized in the production of passenger cars and spare automobile parts. Founded by Herbert H. Franklin, the Franklin Automobile Company was a part of the H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company.

Frazer Nash

Logo Frazer Nash

Another historical brand in our list is the British Frazer Nash, a company, which was established in 1922, and stopped existing under its original name already in 1928. However, the company was not just closed, but acquired by AFN Limited, and continued existing. The brand specialized in the design and production of sports cars, and at the end of 1980, AFN Limited was taken over by Porsche.


Logo Freightliner

Freightliner is an American manufacturer of trucks, which was established at the end of the 1920s as a division of Consolidated Freightways, and became a separate brand only at the beginning of the 1940s. Today, the company operates mainly on the local market, producing various trucks, and being a part of the Daimler Truck Corporation, the world’s largest truck manufacturer, headquartered in Germany.


Logo FRP

FRP is the name of the short-lived American car manufacturer, which was established in 1912, and closed in 1914. However, the company managed to introduce one car to the market — it was a Mercer Type 35 Raceabout, designed by the founder of the company, Finley Robertson, in 1913. It was a very progressive and even futuristic vehicle for its times, although, things didn’t go well for the company, and it had to close up.


Logo FSO

The FSO abbreviation is deciphered as Fabryka Samochodov Osobowych, which is translated from Polish as the “Passenger Car Factory”. The brand was established in 1950, and today is headquartered in Warsaw, specializing in the production of automobile parts. However, at the beginning of its path, FSO tried itself as the designer and manufacturer of passenger vehicles.


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