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Canada Post Corporation is a Crown corporation known as the largest postal operator in the country. The logo is the embodiment of the company’s promise – fast postal delivery.

Meaning and history

It was established in 1897 under the name of Royal Mail Canada.
The modern era in the history of the Canada Post logo started in 1987 – this is when the latest version of the emblem was introduced. It has remained virtually unchanged ever since.

Canada Post logo
The centerpiece of the design is the symbol representing a winged envelope. You can see a white parallelepiped, which stands for the envelope, and a white triangle, which stands for the wing. The red stripes seen on the envelope reinforce the impression of motion implied by the “wing.” The white symbol is placed inside a red circle, which adds an eye-catching nuance.
The circle, in its turn, is placed inside a dark blue rectangle standing on its wider part. To the left of the circle, the lettering “Canada Post” can be seen, while the text to the right reads “Postes Canada” (which is the French version). The type is a simple sans. It looks very light and clear. While the light weight does not make it better legible, it goes well with the “airmail” idea suggested by the wings.
A white bar breaks the blue rectangle into two parts. It looks like the route the winged envelope needs to follow. As a result, this element supports the motion theme already present in the design.
The Canada Post logo was developed by Paul Arthur & Associates in 1987. Paul Arthur (1925-2001) was a Canadian graphic designer known for coining the terms “signage” and “wayfinding.”


The company’s official brand identity guidelines do not approve of using any colors in the emblem other than PMS 280 and PMS 485 or their CMYK equivalent (as of late 2020).