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Calm Air is an airline company that specializes in providing regional air transportation services. It is currently owned by Exchange Income Corporation (EIC), a diversified investment company based in Canada. The company operates primarily in the northern regions of Manitoba and Nunavut, serving remote communities and offering passenger and cargo services. With a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Calm Air plays a vital role in connecting these isolated areas to the rest of the country, supporting economic growth and fostering community development.

Meaning and history

Calm Air Logo history

Calm Air, founded by Leonard Ellison in 1962, is an airline based in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. Over the years, it has achieved several significant milestones. In 1981, Calm Air expanded its services by acquiring Perimeter Airlines, thereby extending its reach to remote areas of Manitoba and Nunavut. The company has played a vital role in providing essential air transportation services to these isolated regions, connecting communities and facilitating economic growth.

Calm Air has developed a strong reputation for its commitment to safety and reliability. It has been recognized for its exceptional customer service and has received numerous awards, including the Airline of the Year award from the Manitoba Tourism Association.

Currently, Calm Air continues to be a leading regional airline, serving multiple destinations within Manitoba, Nunavut, and Ontario. With a fleet of modern aircraft and a dedicated team of professionals, the airline ensures a comfortable and efficient travel experience for its passengers. Calm Air remains committed to connecting remote communities, contributing to regional development, and maintaining its position as a trusted airline in Canada’s northern regions.

What is Calm Air?
Calm Air is a regional airline based in Canada. It operates scheduled passenger and cargo flights to various destinations in Manitoba and Nunavut, serving both remote communities and larger urban centers. With a focus on safety and reliability, Calm Air offers essential air transportation services in northern regions of Canada.

Old Logo

Calm Air Logo old

The old version of the Calm Air badge was super minimalistic and modest. It featured just a black title case inscription in a delicate serif font with full-shaped letters set against a white background, with a significant distance between the two parts of the inscription. There were no graphical elements or other colors in the composition.

New Logo

Calm Air Logo

After the redesign, the Calm Air logo became a bit more complicated. The lettering switched its typeface to an italicized serif one, and its color to dark blue. Now it is written above a graphical element, drawn in the shape of the plane wing in solid blue, with a yellow outline and a stylized “CA” abbreviation, written in thin yellow lines.