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The full name of the company is Braathens Regional Airlines. It is a Norwegian-owned Swedish airline with a fleet size of 20 aircraft. It served 20 destinations (as of March 2020). In April 2020, it filed for a debt restructuring and ceased all operations until further notice.

Meaning and history

BRA logo

The BRA logo was introduced on February 16, 2016 (the year when the company was established) during the Grand Travel Award in Stockholm, Sweden. The person who introduced it was Per G Braathen, to whom Braathens Aviation belongs.
The most prominent part of the design is the name “BRA,” which stands for “Braathens Regional Airlines.” While it may look awkward for an English-speaking person, in Swedish, it means nothing but “good.”
Next to it, there is a stylized part of an aircraft. The muted gray color of the lettering creates an unusual contrast to the multiple colors used for the emblem.