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Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) is a Swedish regional airline company primarily engaged in domestic air travel. The airline is owned by Braganza, a Norwegian holding company helmed by Per G. Braathen, who has a rich history in the aviation industry. BRA operates extensively within Sweden, connecting major cities and regions with a focus on efficiency and sustainability. The airline’s network covers key destinations across Sweden, offering both business and leisure travelers a reliable mode of transportation. BRA’s fleet, consisting of modern, environmentally friendly aircraft, emphasizes their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of air travel.

Meaning and history

Founded by Per G. Braathen, Braathens Regional Airlines has a storied history in the aviation sector. Established with the objective of providing efficient regional air travel in Sweden, the airline has grown significantly since its inception. Over the years, BRA has achieved numerous milestones, including the expansion of its route network to cover major Swedish cities and the adoption of advanced, eco-friendly aircraft, showcasing its dedication to environmental sustainability.

Under the leadership of the Braganza group, BRA has continuously evolved, implementing innovative strategies to enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency. The company has played a significant role in shaping regional air travel in Sweden, setting standards in customer service and flight operations. Today, BRA stands as a leading regional airline in Sweden, recognized for its commitment to sustainability, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. The airline’s current position reflects its successful adaptation to the changing dynamics of the aviation industry and its unwavering focus on providing high-quality air travel services within Sweden.

What is Braathens Regional Airlines?
Braathens Regional Airlines, often abbreviated as BRA, is a distinguished Swedish regional airline. It specializes in providing domestic air travel services, connecting various cities and regions across Sweden. Known for its commitment to sustainability and customer-centric approach, BRA plays a vital role in the Swedish aviation sector.

2016 – Today

BRA logo

The BRA logo was introduced on February 16, 2016 (the year when the company was established) during the Grand Travel Award in Stockholm, Sweden. The person who introduced it was Per G Braathen, to whom Braathens Aviation belongs.

The most prominent part of the design is the name “BRA,” which stands for “Braathens Regional Airlines.” While it may look awkward for an English-speaking person, in Swedish, it means nothing but “good.”

Next to it, there is a stylized part of an aircraft. The muted gray color of the lettering creates an unusual contrast to the multiple colors used for the emblem.

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