Bank of China Logo

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Bank of China is a government-owned bank, which was founded in 1912 and today is in the top 4 of the hugest banks in the nation and in the world. Bank of China is also the oldest bank in China, with its roots in 1905.

Meaning and history

The Bank of China logo is a great reflection of the company’s heritage and background. It is a celebration of China and a representation of the powerful bank.

The Bank of China logo is one of the most outstanding visual identities in the world’s financial segment. It is truly a masterpiece. The logo was designed in the 1908s by Kan Tai-Keung and is composed of an emblem and a wordmark on its right.

The wordmark uses both Chinese and English languages, which perfectly balanced each other. The Chinese calligraphy, created by Guo Muo-Ruo, a famous writer, is placed on the top level and features elegant and sophisticated lines.

Bank of China Logo

The “Bank of China” lettering is executed in a serif font, which is similar to Goudy Old Style Bold, designed by F.W. Goudy. The traditional lines of the letters make the nameplate look decent and timeless.

The Bank of China logo is a graphical representation of an ancient coin, which is believed to bring financial luck and fortune. Executed in thick red lines it looks powerful and sleek.

The red and black color palette of the logo, which is usually placed in white, is a representation of a powerful and influential company, which values its past and is confident in its future.