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Autodesk is a famous company, which specializes in designing and developing software. The company was established in 1982 in the United States. Today it has operating offices all over the globe and owns several extremely popular programs.

Meaning and history

Autodesk Logo history

The Autodesk logo was redesigned three times during its history, but the wordmark has always been the main part of its visual identity.

1982 – 1994

Autodesk Logo 1982

The original Autodesk logo was a strict monochrome composition of an elegant wordmark and a modern and sharp emblem.

The smooth traditional serif typeface of the lettering was perfectly balanced by a geometric emblem, which depicted three “V” silhouettes, turned upside down, with their legs pointed and their tops flattened. This chevron emblem stayed with the product for almost twenty years.

1994 – 2000

Autodesk Logo 1994
The very first Autodesk logo was executed in a black and white color palette with a sharp geometric emblem placed on the left from the bold and elegant serif logotype in a title case. The wordmark was written in a fancy full-shaped typeface with arched lines and long yet sophisticated serifs. As for the emblem, it was formed of three white pyramids, creating a stylized letter “A”, placed on a solid black square background.

2000 – 2005

Logo Autodesk

In 2000 Autodesk simplifies its logo to a lowercase wordmark in a bold sans-serif typeface. The light blue color of the lettering is the only element of the brand’s visual identity, which makes it stand out.

2005 – 2013

Autodesk Logo 2005

The logo version of 2005 is even simpler and more modest than the previous one — the traditional inscription in a modern serif typeface is colored black and reflects the company’s professionalism and strength.

2013 – 2021

Autodesk Logo

The minimalist Autodesk logo was redesigned in 2013. The new stylish and remarkable emblem was created.

The green and blue three-dimensional Autodesk logo depict a ribbon, forming a triangle, or a stylized letter “A”. With its modern stylish lines, the emblem looks outstanding and elegant.

The modified wordmark is now in all capitals of a sans-serif typeface, with a lot of space between the letters. The right side of the “T”s horizontal bar has a diagonal cut, which adds playfulness and uniqueness to the logo.

The logo looks fresh and light, reflecting the innovative approach of the brand and its willingness to move forward.

2021 – Today

Autodesk logo
The redesign of 2021 brought the Autodesk logo to its original black and white color palette. The black uppercase logotype in a bold sans-serif typeface is placed on the right from the minimalist stylized emblem, featuring a fancy and progressive letter “A” written in a thick black ribbon, with its right side straight and vertical.