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Anonymous is a legendary hacker organization, famous for its numerous cyberattacks on governmental institutions and huge corporations. The group was organized in 2004 and has member all over the world.

Meaning and history

The iconic Anonymous logo is based on the emblem of The United Nations.

The circular frame contains an image of the globe with a laurel wreath around it and a person in a suit and a tie with a question mark replacing his head.

The man without a head is a symbol of anonymity and decentralization. All the members of the group are equal and do not have a leader.

Anonymous Logo

The logo, performing the most influential hacker organization in the world, is executed in a black and gray color palette, which makes it look perfect on any background. It is one of the most recognizable artworks in the history of logo designs.

Another detail, which is also used for the organization’s identification — a Guy Fawkes mask. The members of the group wear this mask in public, to hide their faces. Guy Fawkes lived in the 17th century and became famous for the bombing attempt of the House of Lords.

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