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Alessandro is the name of one of the world’s leading brands in nail and hand care. The company was established in Germany in 1989 by Sylvia Troska, who already owned several manicure salons by that time. Today the brand is also engaged in the production of nail modeling materials.

Meaning and history

Alessandro is a synonym for high-quality nail care, nail modeling, and manicure. The company, which has been founded at the end of the 1980s by today has become an expert in the industry, being one of the most awarded labels in the beauty industry.

The brand does not only manufactures higher quality cosmetics and materials for manicure and pedicure but also invents new technologies. Alessandro is the name standing behind the invention of UV gel nail polish, which is the most popular product on the nail are the market today.

But the brand does not stop and keeps launching new products, developed with the implementation of all available innovations in the market yearly, if not more often.

Alessandro International has become a leader among the companies offering high-quality hand and nail care services. Also, the company is the undisputed leader on the market, offering a wide range of products and services which fulfill the desires of both professionals and home users.

At present Alessandro, International is the only developer of unique materials for nail modeling on the modern market of nail technologies.

What is Alessandro?

Alessandro is a German cosmetics brand based in Dusseldorf. The product range includes nail art products, gels, and polishes. The brand was established in the late 1980s and is considered to be the pioneer in UV gel nail Polish and nail modeling technologies.

In terms of visual identity, the brand is sleek and memorable. Its emblem might look simple at the first glance, but its monochrome color palette and simple shapes of the letters in the logotype are accompanied by a minimalist yet very interesting emblem, which connects all the elements into one masterpiece.

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Alessandro Logo

The Alessandro logo is unique and memorable. Moreover, it creates a symbolic link with the products introduced by the brand.

The design is dominated by a stylized bird with its large tail open wide. The tail makes us think that the bird is a peacock. The feathers bear an uncanny similarity with nails on an open hand, which is a great association for a nail design brand. Below the peacock, the word “Alessandro” in a soft lowercase type can be seen.

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