Alert logic logo

Alert logic logo
Information security is the core business of Alert Logic. And the authority of this brand in IT security is deservedly high.

Logo History

Alert logic logo

One of the developers of the logo in the interview said that the original idea was presented to them by the computer game Xonix, the essence of which was to maximally limit the space in which the ball moved freely. In later versions of the game, the ball was also required to be protected from the tiny playfields of the toothballs running around the perimeter. It is the protection of client information that the developers who played this game as a child began to work.


Symbol Alert logic
The Alert Logic symbol became a confident and stylish protection embodied in the stylized “A” (the first letter of the alphabet). However, there is also a version about the presence of a solar symbol in this logo (according to this version the orange circle is the sun, and the dark gray elements are clouds, Cloud).


Emblem Alert logic
The emblem of Alert Logic was the stylized letter “A”. It consists of three separate parts: an orange circle, a drop-shaped dark gray element on the right and a dumbbell-like dark gray element on the right.


A simple font with two colors and without excessive styling gives the logo a little conservatism, and at the same time emphasizes openness to unexpected solutions.


Color Alert logic logo
The main colors of the Alert Logic logo are dark gray and orange. This original combination was intended to attract the potential customer’s attention to the logo, and at the same time to reduce the probability of rejection (which would be more than likely if aggressive red were involved). After all, the main task of the brand is to ensure security and protection.