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Air Seychelles is the main airline form the Republic of Seychelles, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. This company is the most prominent of the local airlines, although it mostly just connected various islands of the country together. They’ve been doing it since the 70s, but internationally they only really connect the country with some periphery nations along the ocean coast.

Meaning and History

Air Seychelles Logo history

The airline was founded in Seychelles in 1977, a year after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. Since then, Air Seychelles has been the nation’s top airline and one of the few actual flight providers from there. They only have 7 functional planes as of 2022.


Air Seychelles Logo-2000

Their earlier emblem is a right-inclined rectangle. Its top 2/3 are red, the bottom is green; the border between the two is a white line. These colors are supposed to look like the sky and the land, but it’s also the three bottom lines of the Seychelles flag. In front, there are two white silhouettes of a bird mid-flight.

To the right of this emblem, they usually put the wordmark ‘Air Seychelles’. It’s written in fully lowercase sans-serif letters. The text is positioned in two lines of text, one for each word. The ‘Air’ is colored turquoise, and the ‘Seychelles’ – dark blue.


Air Seychelles logo

They adopted a different emblem in the 2010s. It was pretty much the same figure, except with a left tilt this time and shaped more like a leaf. It’s divided into two colored sections with a divide going diagonally from bottom left to top right. The colors are red and lime now. The border function is carried out by one of the birds, stretching from side to side. Speaking of them, they are now less realistic and more fluid.

The wordmark changed little, except the colors are now different shades of light blue, and the ‘Air’ bit is shifted to the left slightly. There is also a new motto beneath the wordmark’s right side, which says ‘Flying the Creole Spirit’ in a cursive light blue writing.