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Air Corsica is a prominent airline company that operates in Corsica, France. It is owned by the Corsican Collectivity and EDF Invest. The company provides domestic and international flights, connecting Corsica to major European cities. With its main base at Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport, Air Corsica serves as a vital link for travelers seeking to explore the stunning landscapes and cultural heritage of Corsica.

Meaning and history

Air Corsica Logo

Air Corsica is a French airline founded by the Corsican Chamber of Commerce in 1989. Since its establishment, the airline has achieved several milestones. It operates scheduled and charter flights, connecting Corsica with various destinations in France and Europe. Over the years, Air Corsica has expanded its route network and fleet, offering increased connectivity and improved services to passengers. It has received recognition for its punctuality and customer satisfaction. Currently, Air Corsica continues to strengthen its position in the market, focusing on providing reliable and efficient air travel options for both leisure and business travelers to and from Corsica.

What is Air Corsica?
Air Corsica is a regional airline based in Corsica, France. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights, primarily serving destinations within Corsica and mainland France. With a focus on providing convenient travel options for both residents and tourists, Air Corsica offers reliable services and a comfortable flying experience.