Air Berlin Logo

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Meaning and history

Air Berlin Logo history1978 – 1986

Air Berlin Logo-1978The original Air Berlin logo (1978-1986) featured a dynamic triangular shape paired with the lettering “Air Berlin USA” and the “AB” monogram.

1986 – 2008

Air Berlin Logo 1986

The design undergoes a complete overhaul. Although the shape on the left references the original boomerang, it is now much softer. The words “Air Berlin” are larger and more prominent.

2008 – 2017

Air Berlin logo

The boomerang grows even softer and becomes part of a stylized “a.” The letter is placed inside a red ellipsoid. The type has been updated – it is more rounded and modern. The shade of red has grown brighter than in the 1986 design, while the lettering “Genau deine Airline” has appeared.

Font and color

The lowercase Air Berlin inscription, placed on the right from the lightweight and modern emblem of the company, is executed in a contemporary Sans-serif typeface where the rounded letters feature thin and clean lines, softened angles, and traditional cuts. The company’s typeface looks very similar to such fonts as Pump Std Light and Expressa Serial Light, but with the contours complete and some lines modernized.

The red and white color palette of the Air Berlin visual identity reflects the reliability and confidence of the company, along with its professional and fundamental approach to providing the best services to their customers and making their traveling experience comfortable and safe.