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Agribank is a Vietnamese state-owned bank, which was established in 1988 and by today has grown into the largest and the most reputable financial organization in its country. The bank has over 40 thousand employees and a wide net of branches and ATMs across Vietnam.

Meaning and history


Agribank Logo history

The visual identity of one of the most famous Vietnamese banks was first introduced at the beginning of the 2000s and kept its original style and colors until today. The main thing, that was changed throughout the years was lettering, but it didn’t affect the brightness and recognizability of the insignia, just made it bolder and more modern.

2003 – 2014


Agribank Logo 2003

The logo, created for Agribank in 2003 was composed of a bright solid emblem and a traditional wordmark in all capitals, which was usually placed under the icon, or on its right.

The emblem featured a square with rounded angles, which was diagonally split into three parts — two dark greens and intense pink in the middle. The thick pink line was enclosed in two thin white ones.

The yellow smooth ribbon, resembling a wheatear was placed over the pink part of the square, repeating the shape of the letter “S” and pointing at the purpose of the bank and its main audience.

The lettering in pink was written in a simple and modest serif typeface, which evokes a sense of confidence and reliability, balancing the bold emblem and adding freshness to the composition.

2014 – Today


Agribank Logo

Additional letters were placed on the bank’s emblem in 2006. “VB” in white serif was put on the left green part of the square, “A” — on the pink line, and “RD” — on the right green.

Another major change was about the wordmark — executed in a bold sans-serif it has all letters capitalized, and the first “A” enlarged. Both letters “A” of the inscription are drawn as smooth arched and have their horizontal bars replaced by triangles pointing down. This is definitely the most remarkable element of the whole logo, making it instantly recognizable and eye-catching.

Font and color

The solid and bold traditional typeface of the Agribank inscription looks unique and young due to the letters “A”. Though the main part of the lettering is executed in a sans-serif typeface which is very similar to Zurich Std Ultra Black Extended and Iwata Gothic Old Pro Heavy fonts.

The green and pink color palette of the Agribank logo stands for wealth, success, and passion, while yellow and white additional elements add loyalty and reliability to the bank’s characteristics, making the whole image look friendlier and kinder.