5 Top College Football Logos

5 Top College Football Logos

A college logo doesn’t seem to be anything more than some art at first glance, yet it represents so much more. Apart from promoting its program as a brand, logos are intended to inspire and give a sense of pride.

This is no less true for college football, which is actually the most popular NCAA discipline.

That said, let’s take a look at five of the colleges boasting the best logos in the game.

5. Kansas State Wildcats

The K-State Wildcats started off with a bit of a childish logo in 1955 which featured a black cat resembling Tom from the Tom & Jerry cartoon walking in the school’s jersey with a purple flag in tow.

We imagine it didn’t exactly inspire fear from opponents – Jerry wasn’t even afraid of Tom – but it stayed with the team for 20 years. The cat was replaced by a more intimidating purple panther in 1975, with the frightening predator standing on the right side of a big letter K. This symbolized fierce competition, which is the message you’d want your football team to send out.

5 Top College Football Logos

By 1989, this had evolved into a sinister side view of the panther’s head. There was a slight change in 2019, with the shade of purple darkening.

Kansas State isn’t all that threatening as a football program nowadays. Having won six conference titles, they’re currently a +1800 to win the Big 12 in the upcoming season. With the Kansas Governor pushing for Kansas sports betting platforms to start rolling offers out by the NFL’s kick-off this year according to Kansas sports betting, fans will be hopeful over being able to bet on college sports soon after.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide

The members of the Alabama Crimson Tide program carry a very simple “A” logo on their jerseys but it sends a powerful message. The logo depicts the bond between player and team, as well as a sense of pride one can only experience from playing for one of the most successful programs in the NCAA.

Bear Bryant’s becoming one of the greatest coaches ever would make the logo one of the most famous in football. Nick Saban, who has been at the helm since 2007, made it prominent again, with the University of Alabama one of the strongest teams in the SEC.

3: Oregon Ducks

The Oregon Ducks used to be the butt of jokes because of their uniform and mascot back in the day, but they’ve since risen to prominence and that Big O is something lots of people want to wear.

Like Alabama’s “A,” Oregon’s “O” is pretty simple. But it has seen some variations over the years that gave it some flair. The symbol might differ from week to week but it’s probably what the program wants to portray: a dynamic, fast-paced system that is difficult to handle.

Of course, it helps that Nike’s headquarters are close by, with the company’s founder Phil Knight a distinguished Alum. The Ducks’ unis will never go wanting.

2: Florida State Seminoles

There’s just something about Florida State’s logo that makes it seem stronger than most college football logos around. The Seminoles, though, keep it simple on the field and their philosophy has made them into one of the most iconic programs in the NCAA, winning multiple Bowl games, 15 ACC Championships, and three National Championships.

Their logo is one of the most recognizable in all of American sports, with FSU producing many NFL players, including Hall of Famers Derrick Thomas, Deion Sanders, and Fred Biletnikoff.

1: Miami Hurricanes

5 Top College Football Logos

Miami’s “U,” also known as the University of Miami, is probably the most popular logo in college sports.

While this list is subjective, it’s hard to argue against the Hurricanes’ logo, which has represented winning and success for a very long time. Miami has produced some of the best pro players, and even when they didn’t, they sort of inspired the superstar that went on to become The Rock and is now back to being Dwayne Johnson, having become arguably the biggest star in Hollywood.

The likes of Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Andre Johnson, and Michael Irving all wore that legendary “U” before playing in the pros.

As far as symbols go, it’s one of the very best.