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Workday is the name of cloud-based software for HR management, and its company-developer, which was established in 2005 in California. Workday cloud solution is designed for workforce planning, accounting, control, and analysis in companies. Today the software is used by thousands of companies internationally.

Meaning and history

Workday is a cloud-based HR management system that is increasingly being implemented by international companies. Integration ensures transparency of HR processes, simplifies planning and budgeting systems, and enables faster decision-making.

The software is used to organize flexible and efficient workforce management, which enables organizations to be prepared for frequently occurring economic and market changes. The information on every employee is being saved into the system, and it is available not only to HR specialists but also to heads of departments. There is not only the general profile of an employee but also the goals set for a month and year, priorities, and the progress achieved.

Key features of the Workday HCM cloud system allow not only to management human resources, employee data profiles, and skills but also to better organize the process, including organizational structure and other staffing models, HR business process management. All the HR operations including hiring, termination, and retirement can also be tracked with the software.

There are many more functions, which really make the life of HR managers across the globe easier, and all the managing processes — more transparent for both the heads of the companies and the employees.

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based HR management system, which organizes and simplifies organizational processes and planning. Each employee entered into the system has his or her profile, with key goals for the calendar year, priorities for performing tasks, and development plans.

As for the visual identity, it is very simple and friendly. Workday adopted one of the most commonly used graphical symbols for its logo — an arched line, which stands for a bridge, connecting management and employees, but it is also an upside-down smile, which softens the “professional” part of the software’s purpose, softening it and making kinder.

2005 — Today

Workday Logo 2005

The Workday Logo is composed of a lowercase wordmark in a simple sans-serif typeface with softened angles. The font is very similar to Submariner R24 Book, but with the “A” modified and rounded. It looks modern and friendly, which brilliantly balanced the simple graphical element, coming from “O” to “A”, above the inscription.

The logo is set in a blue, white, and orange color palette, where the “bridge” is always orange, but the wordmark and background can be both blue or white.

Who founded Workday?
The Workday service was founded in 2005 by David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri. Both of the partners used to work for PeopleSoft, the human resource management service.

What is the brand Workday?
Workday is a cloud-based HR management system. The service is designed for planning, accounting, control and analysis of human resources in companies. The software product is used to organize flexible and efficient work with personnel

Is Workday trademarked?
Yes, both the name and the logo of the Workday Inc are registered trademarks of the company, and can be used only with official permission from the copyright holder.