Whirlpool logo

Whirlpool logo
Today, the Whirlpool logo is recognized in all continents, as the company has affiliates in scores, if not hundreds of countries. The Whirlpool ideology refers to high speed and unflaggingly high quality of household work done with the help of tools and techniques, which give time and energy for creative activity and comfortable living.

Logo History

Whirlpool logo history

Officially, the Whirlpool brand appeared in 1950, although the company actually started working as far back as in 1911. It specializes in kitchen appliances. In fact, it was in the second half of the 20th century that the current logo, which reflects the Whirlpool philosophy (turbulent rotary movement), appeared.
Throughout its history, the company has conquered lots of markets also through purchasing local manufacturers’ securities and stocks and by merging with promising projects. Also, Whirlpool owns scores of regional brands. The Whirlpool logo was quick and eager to crown the conquered markets; first, it featured an image of a whirlpool consisting of three flat ovals confined in one another and topping a capital W. Later, a diagonal oval was added and placed at the logo’s center.


whirlpool symbol
Undoubtedly, the brand Whirlpool stands for the company’s power to engulf whatever comes its way, but in a positive sense: it eliminates unneeded junk and debris. Particularly, it frees you from having to do routine, dull and boring household work. Whirlpool kitchen appliances’ mission is to free us from kitchen slavery and give us time and energy to use a creative and hedonistic approach instead of doing routine stuff.


whirlpool emblem
The fonted brand name supplemented with four flat ovals, three of which snugly rest above the W, make up the logo’s center. The biggest one is placed diagonally and crosses the center. A combination of dynamics and stability coupled with confidence (expressed in a classic semi-bold type) give it a touch of unique elegance.


Whirlpool logo color
The current logo keeps pace with the worldwide trend and therefore it drops all complex color combinations. The fonted design implies the use of dark blue or black color, as does the ‘whirlpool-style’ combination of three ovals; the diagonal oval comes in yellow or orange. The classically confident black is counterweighted by the subtler yet highly dynamic yellow – a combination, which symbolizes never-ending improvement and progress.