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There are hundreds of mysterious creatures in world mythology, but only one of them was destined to become the hero of our time. And that is the Unicorn. The rainbow color of the magic horse is imitated by manufacturers of food and drinks, cosmetics and furniture. Girls do colorful makeup and dye their hair in characteristic pastel shades. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the standard Unicode set there is a place for an emoji with the image of this creature. However, what exactly this emoji means and in what situations and contexts it is appropriate to use it? Let’s find out!

🦄 The Unicorn Head emoji was assigned the code U+1F984, with which it was added to the Animals and Nature section of the Unicode 8.0 standard in 2015.

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Meaning of the Unicorn Emoji

Unicorns are extraordinary creatures that attract with their mystery and beauty. They reflect our dreams, hopes and desires. They remind us that there is room for wonder and fantasy in the world.

The unicorn is found in the mythology of many peoples of the world. It usually symbolizes chastity, spiritual purity and moral quest. Represent him in the form of a horse with a single horn on his forehead. The magic animal will fulfill the most cherished wish of the person who caught it, but it is very difficult to catch a unicorn.

According to legends, the magical creature is snow-white in color, and its mane and tail shine with pearly tint. But, according to tales, there is another variety of unicorns – rainbow unicorns. Such an animal has magical powers that allow it to change the weather and create rainbows. It is this subspecies, which is said to be incredibly rare, that has become the totem animal of an entire generation.

Magic horses with a horn on their foreheads entered the slang as well. According to the Urban Dictionary of Modern Expressions, in English unicorn is not only a mythical creature, but also:

  • an extremely beautiful and popular girl who is extremely difficult to win (catch);
  • a person of bisexual orientation who prefers free relationships (without emotional attachment or physical fidelity).

The modern unicorn is not just a mythical creature, today it also represents the opposite of ordinariness, which is considered a disadvantage by many millennials.

Unicorn Emojis

The Use of the Unicorn Emoji

In the modern world, unicorns are cute creatures that cause universal delight of little girls. They have become a symbol of forbidden magic and support of the Higher Powers. They can be found in fairy tales or tarot cards. Rainbow and unicorn – safely merged into a single symbol of uniqueness.

Many traditions speak of the unicorn as a mythical animal that represents the highest power of Genesis. He is clothed with mystery and embodies the original unity, the unity of opposites and the ability to overcome internal contradictions, universal love and compassion.

Symbolism horned horse for several centuries evolved from a magical to religious symbol and returned back to its mystical component, and in our era has become a symbol of escape from reality. A way of looking at the world in a rainbow light.

Unicorns have become a symbol of some modern phenomena and movements. For example, in business, startups valued at over a billion dollars are called unicorns. In the LGBT community, unicorns refer to bisexual people who are willing to enter into a couple’s relationship. In psychology, unicorns are people with a high level of empathy and intuition who can easily find common ground with others.

Unicorn Emojis


The unicorn is a fictional creature that is often associated with magic, fantasy and fairy tale stories. They symbolize purity, kindness and magic. Unicorns are popular among children and adults and are often used in room decor, toys and other items. Emoji are no exception. But the meaning of an emoticon with the image of a unicorn turned out to be much deeper than just a children’s toy, and today we tried to answer the question of what Unicorn Emoji means in posts and messages as detailed as possible.

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