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Rolling Eyes Emojis
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The Rolling Eyes emoticon is one of the most popular and recognizable emojis in internet culture. This emoticon is usually displayed as an icon with round detailed eyes looking upwards and a small emotionless mouth, looking like a thin short line, on the face.

The Rolling Eyes emoji was assigned the code U+1F644, with which it was added to the Faces and Emotions section of the Unicode 8.0 standard in 2015. This emoticon has no gender differences or alternate skin color options.

Meaning of the Rolling Eyes Emoji

Rolling Eyes Emoji Meaning

The meaning and interpretation of Rolling Eyes Emoji can have different senses and shades in different situations and contexts.

According to psychology, Rolling eyes the interlocutor is their passive reaction to disagreement and temporary concession in a conversation with someone. A person does not use any other way of responding to external irritation due to overwhelming emotions and an attempt to bring himself into balance. Most often this method of expressing disagreement is used by teenagers.

However, in internet culture, this emoji is more multitasking. The eye-rolling emoji is often used to express different emotions such as laughter, joy, or surprise. It can serve as a way to convey a sense of humor or sarcasm in written text. Also, this emoticon can be used to express shame, displeasure, or an attitude of indifference.

The Use of the Rolling Eyes Emoji

Rolling Eyes Emoji

A yellow face with a small closed mouth, and large white eyes rolled upward, usually conveys moderate contempt, disapproval, disappointment, or boredom. But the emotional tone can change to playful, sassy, hurt, or simply sarcastic. The Rolling Eyes emoticon can have different meanings depending on who used it, what the context is, and what emotion the author wanted to convey.

Some people use this emoticon to express embarrassment, misunderstanding, or bewilderment. And in some cases, the eye-rolling emoticon can be used to imply sexual innuendo or flirtation.

It is also commonly used to express disbelief, displeasure, or skepticism. When we see this emoticon in a message, we can assume that the person who sent it is expressing a negative attitude or displeasure about a situation or statement.

At the same time, the rolling eyes emoticon can also be used with humorous intentions or to create light irony. Some people use this emoticon to show that they accept a situation or statement with a degree of humor or sarcasm.


The Rolling Eyes Emoji looks different on different platforms, which means it can convey different emotions, from sarcasm and irony to boredom and disbelief. The yellow emoji with big white rolled eyes is one of the most popular emoji, precisely because of its “versatility” and pithiness.

This emoji can be used in different meanings by different users. But its most common meanings are still boredom, thought process, and confusion.

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