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In today’s world, almost any term related to the Internet has its own graphic image, which people around the world perceive exclusively in conjunction with this or that term. But most often we do not even think about why this or that icon means this or that concept. Today we want to talk about one such icon, and its interpretation in the standard Unicode set, the Link Emoji.

🔗 The Hyperlink Emoji was assigned the code U+1F517, with which it was added to the Objects section of the Unicode 6.0 standard in 2010.

Meaning of the Link Emoji

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Hyperlink – is a specially marked text, or some graphic image, containing a redirection to a page of another external resource (website).

Links as References and citations to other works were first used as early as 3000 BCE in papyri and on clay tablets.

Modern hypertext began its development in 1945, when Dr. Vannevar Bush mentioned the idea of creating a machine designed to store various types of scientific documents, the essence of which was that any material could be linked to an arbitrary section of another document.

With the invention of the World Wide Web ideology in 1991, a fundamentally new word in the use of links was said. The idea was to create a set of web pages with various, including multimedia, content and hyperlinks.

In essence, a link is a means of navigating the Internet, a fragment of a page that points to another page and allows the visitor to go to it when clicked. A link can also point to a downloadable file located on the Internet, containing the full path to the file. Consequently, links are necessary for the user to be able to travel the vastness of the network, going from one page to another, download files and exchange links to resources of interest with other users.

It is based on the definition of hyperlink that the image of two links of a metal chain as a graphic icon was chosen. Chain is a symbol of connection, meaning both the interdependence of forms and the message between them. The image of a chain implies not only the connection of two elements, but also conveys the idea that there is a series of successive links between them.

The Use of the Link Emoji

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Links are necessary for users to instantly move from one resource to another, download files, share information. It is necessary for quick information retrieval, attribution and even for SEO promotion.

A link is an object that points to certain data but does not store it. It is used in a document to quickly navigate to another element in the document or to another object on a local disk or network.

Hyperlink is the most important element of any site, because the search engine robot, bypassing links, adds to its database of pages. These are specific in a certain way. They allow us to link our documents to any other document or resource we want. They can be used to link documents to specific parts of them and make applications available at a simple web address.

So use Link Emoji when you send someone a link, or alternatively, ask someone to send you a hyperlink to a file or resource.


The image of a silver chain does not always mean jewelry or shackles. In today’s world, this graphic icon is closely related to the concept of Hyperlink, which we have tried to tell you about in great detail above. Use the Link Emoji in posts and messages related to link sharing, or when you want to share an interesting website or file.