Telstra Logo

Telstra Logo
The logo of Australia’s leading telecommunications operator and provider of mobile phones and devices has a long history as well as the company itself.

Meaning and History logo

Telstra Logo history

Telstra Corporation Ltd. has been operating in Australia for more than 40 years and was called Telecom Australia at the beginning of its activities. Its first emblem dates back to 1975. It included an orange circle with a sign in white color inside it which looked like both a stylized antenna and the letter “T” and the wordmark “Telecom Australia” in black.
Later there were two revamps of the brand identity, the most significant of which was in 1993 when the circle with the “antenna” turned into a more contemporary “antenna dish”.

Old Symbol

Telstra Symbol
The first Telstra business logo appeared in 1995 when Telecom Australia was renamed as Telstra Corporation. It preserved all the features of the previous logo ‒ the orange “antenna dish” with the letter “T” the stem of which was invisible and the dark blue color of the wordmark. What concerns the wordmark itself, it became “Telstra”.
In the modification of 1999 the letters of the wordmark were made white and the image was placed against a blue background.

The 2006 Emblem

Telstra emblem
This logo looks very much like the old Telstra logo of 1995, but the stem of the letter “T” became visible and the whole wordmark is in bright blue color. This symbol is still seen on some phones and buildings.

Current Logo

Telstra logo
At present the company uses the 2011 version. The Telstra new logo continues in the same shape but features a different color combination. It is not orange-blue now. Multiple bright colors are used to make the insignia look sensitive, warm and people-oriented.
telstra business logo
The wordmark is still included in the Telstra Australia logo, but the company mostly uses just the T-and-oval part.