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Swedish car brands

There are some big Swedish car manufacturers that many people can name. That being said, besides Saab, Scania, Volvo and some others, there aren’t really that many carmakers in this country. Still, it’s amongst the world’s most prominent centers of engineering.


Koenigsegg Logo

Koenigsegg is a Swedish carmaker, established in 1994. Most of their models are various sports cars, supercars and racing models. Some of their cars are also electric, which is surprising considering that sort of power lies in these models. The company’s emblem is a shield. Much of its inner space is occupied by a checked pattern. Unlike usually, these rhombs are very wide, but otherwise it’s mundane. Directly above it is a mark that looks like two mirrored ‘c’ letters with a vertical line between them.


logo Saab

Saab is a big Swedish company that mostly builds spacecraft and aircraft nowadays. Until 2016, they also made cars. The bulk of this production consisted of compact passenger cars and some high-performance models. Their logo is a dark-blue circle with a griffin’s head in the middle. It’s basically a bird-like head, colored in red and with some white outlines, as well as a golden crown on top. There are also writings like ‘SAAB’ and ‘Technologies’ around. The other logo variant is just their wordmark, written in blue or grey.


logo Scania


Scania is amongst Sweden’s biggest brands, and it was founded in 1911. For much of their life, they made vehicles. After some time experimenting with passenger cars, they started making trucks, buses and other heavier products. Their emblem combines a dark-blue circle with a T-shaped figure imposed onto it. In the middle of this composition, there’s a red head of a griffin with a silver crown on top of it. It’s usually followed by a big blue wordmark that says ‘SCANIA’.


logo Volvo

Volvo is the biggest Swedish car company, as well as one of the biggest companies in this country at all. The car division was formed in 1927. Since then, they’ve mostly been making passenger cars and crossovers. They are particularly prominent in their effort to create alternatively-fueled cars, like electric vehicles of flexifuel models. Their logo depicts a circle with an arrowhead sticking out of its corner, a common symbol for iron. Inside of it, there’s normally the company’s name, written in serif letters.


logo Caresto

Caresto is a small Swedish carmaker that was initially founded in 1996. The company made several models since then. All of these are retro-looking hot rod cars, made in small quantities. The cars have an emblem, and it’s a simple black oval. It’s stretched very wide, and inside of it there is usually the company’s name, written in white. The letters look very round, and they are also stretched side to fit the figure.

Uniti Sweden AB

logo Uniti Sweden AB

Uniti is a Swedish project, started in 2016. These people are basically trying to create a minicar that could be easily plugged-in electric and used inside the city for a long time. The project seems to be evolving rather slowly, however. The logo is simply the name of the project. It’s written using liner, lowercase letters. That being said, there’s a bit of blank space going continuous through each of these characters, which makes it look like a deep cut.