Supra Logo

Supra Logo
While the Japanese technology brand Supra has lost much of its market share over the last two decades, it used to be among the top-selling brands in some countries in its heyday.

Meaning and History logo

Supra Logo history

The history of the company traces its roots to 1974. It was founded by an entrepreneur named Sumio Nakamura. The first product introduced under the brand was a line of car audio systems. The Japanese market abounded with tech products, so the company had to face fierce competition. To survive, it decided to stick to the lowest price segment. The strategy proved to be successful, so the range was enlarged to include TV sets, video recorders, and household appliances.


Supra Symbol
Today, the minimalistic and eye-catching Supra logo can be seen on a variety of technology products including more than a thousand items. The company doesn’t have its own manufacturing facilities – it orders products from original design manufacturers and sells them under its own brand.


Supra Emblem
The emblem is a classic example of a wordmark logo. It features a slightly retro, yet perfectly readable serif type. All the letters are capitals.


Supra Logo
The vivid combination of bright red and white featured on the Supra logo is extremely popular in commercial design.